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House with Portico and Indoor Terraces

slope house with multiple lake views 1 thumb 630xauto 34721 House with Portico and Indoor Terraces

This house, designed by architect Renato Salvi, is quite unusual for its location in a vineyard region in Switzerland. If its color tries to blend it into the natural environment by recalling the color of ripe grapes, its modern architecture clearly differentiates it from the much more traditional winemaker-style houses. The plot was quite challenging because of its size and situation on a steep slope. The aim of the design is to bring in as much natural light as possible while maximizing the lake exposure. In this respect, the house is built on three levels, with a maximum amount of light and views from the top floor. The base of the house consists of an excavated space for a double garage. On top of the garages the slope had to be leveled out in order to create a flat platform for the main body of the building. The functions of the floors has been switched in order for the day area to benefit from maximum daylight and lake views. The bedrooms are situated on the ground floor, with direct access to the wooden deck and the small flat garden created at the back of the house.

slope house with multiple lake views 2 thumb autox927 34723 House with Portico and Indoor Terraces

The main entrance is dissimulated by a double height portico and the suspended terrace at the top level. This portico also functions as weather protection for the outdoors areas and creates multiple view spots.


The terrace at the top floor functions as an extension of the living room, from which it separated by a glass wall.


The top floor benefits from light both from the north, through the glazed facade overlooking the lake, but also from the south, through the windows created in the slope of the roof.


The interior staircase is protected by a glass wall that allow for the light to circulate both horizontally and vertically.



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