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Floral Wall Art Made with CNC Engraved Barn Board

This rustic guest room designed by Kara Paslay Designs is cowboy meets damsel, expressed through an amazing floral wall art feature donning a delicate pattern engraved in a weathered barn-board backdrop. Interior designer Kara and her husband Tim unholstered their high-tech tools once again – and if you love this, you’ve got to see their other projects! Using a CNC machine, they engraved Kara’s computer-generated flower design diagonally across the wall. We love the contrast between old and new, fresh and battered, light and dark. It’s an artful lesson in opposites, yet it all works together into one cohesive, countrified aesthetic. This masculine and feminine combination (or separation) is complemented by a pair of beds – one for him and one for her, each tucked into its own yellow-painted recess (that’s right cowboys, you can’t even push them together!). The wall is indeed a one-of-a-kind work of art that transforms a generic guest room into a chic, vibrant and inviting space which guests will never want to leave! For more info visit Kara Paslay Designs.

The faux mounted head is a bold, Wild West touch.
The depressed design was obviously a labor of love, painstakingly made using a cutting-edge (literally!) CNC machine to reveal the dual-layered motif.
His and hers. We love the stacked trunks at the foot of each bed, doubling as tables and tripling as seating while guests put on their socks and shoes.
The gauzy light shade echoes the sweet wall florals.
Wall in progress…
… and completed at long last. Check out Kara Paslay Designs.


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