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15 Tips For Decorating A Modern Bedroom

Creating a contemporary space is easier than you may think, but it can also be overwhelming when starting from scratch or even revamping what you’ve already got. Today, we’re sharing 15 tips for decorating a modern bedroom. From corner to cranny, you’ll find some inspiration below that will help the process run a bit more smoothly.

Use neutrals. When creating a modern bedroom, going with whites, browns, grays, and blacks will never, ever steer you wrong. Here’s a beautiful example of a chocolate and cream bedroom that fits that contemporary bill from Homedit.

Go minimal. Home Designing showcases so many stunning, minimalistic style bedrooms and this is just one of these. The less clutter and “stuff” you have in the nooks and crannies the easier the transformation to a contemporary vision.

Overfill throw pillows. There’s something so inviting about a ton of fluff on the bed – and that’s no exemption for the modern rules. In fact, this peek we found on Pinterest is a great example of how our bed can be both coz and contemporary.

Keep as much as you can off the floor. Architectural Digest brings us this blue beauty and we notice how everything but the bare essentials has a spot on the floor. Make sure you bring the eyes up when planning your modern bedroom.

Bare windows are the best route to take. The less the clutter, the better. And the more natural sunlight that you allow to enter, the crisper the entire space will be. Just look at this beauty from Elle Decor!

Avoide roud, go with sharp. And we mean the edges. Sleek pieces that aren’t round or fluid fit that modern mold. In fact, everything we see here, in this bedroom from Pinterest, works for a contemporary creation.

Use large mirrors. Studio McGee knows exactly how do add one of these to a space, take the advice! Mirrors are never, ever a bad idea and will always create the illusion of more square footage and light.

Colorblocking is fun. And it’s also right on trend for modern genres. It doesn’t even matter what shades you choose to work with, even coral and cream like you see in this Suburban Pop peek!

Don’t be afraid of stripes. They lengthen and widen walls. They also provide that same crisp appeal this style avokes in a room. Just check out this blended bedroom from Decoist for inspiration!

Balance as much as possible. If you can balance out the bedroom with double nightstands, mirrors, pillows, and the like do it. Just take advice fromt this image found on Swatch Pop.

Think about using mixed materials. Like this Freshome bedroom, using mixed materials – like velvet and metal, wood and fabric – speak to the style’s main ideas. The varying textures can add extra personality.

Go with monochromatic bedding. Decoist gave us this cream-filled space and we were instantly in love. There’s a certaina mount of romance and crispness that comes with a one-and-done color scheme.

Metallics are useful too. Add glamour or feminine appeal to the bedroom with a bout of metallics. This example from Shop Room Ideas is a beautiful example.

Style your nightstands. Pay attention to the small details. Even the most minimal of spaces, like this one from The Most Expensive Homes, hide style in the nooks.

Install hanging light fixtures. We’re swooning for this Pinterest find as well. Take out the traditional light fixtures and replace it with one that’s hanging and in-style. These pieces evoke an industrial and edgy vibe fit for modern entry.


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