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The Fab Five: 5 Coolest Kitchens from 3 German Manufacturers

LivingKitchen 2013 IMM Cologne has served up some sweet kitchen designs any chef would crave, showcasing the newest materials, the greenest technologies, innovative appliances and interesting culinary creations. We’re dishing on these fab five kitchen designs by Pfister, Rational and Bauknecht. You’ll be coming back for seconds!
Pfister presents… Newwave
Recognized for its organically sexy silhouette and naturally gorgeous grain, this round kitchen made from solid Canadian maple by Pfister is quite the dish. The continuous grain runs horizontally across the front. Your eye follows its shapely lowers, clinging to every curve. Caliente!

From Rational… Cosmo
The Cosmo kitchen by Rational is a contemporary take on the classic country-style kitchen. Natural wood? Check. Stone work surfaces? Check. Antique glass-fronted cabinets? Check. A rustic, rough-cut log bridges the front and rear countertops, offering an extra work surface, or an impromptu dining and drinking area. Contemporary touches include crisp, clean lines, and an amazing feature wall with a vertical herb garden.
Kitchens take a dramatic turn toward a purist style in the Solo kitchen from Rational. Finished in high-gloss arctic white, the cabinets are clean and cool. In place of hardware, they offer inconspicuous finger-holds to achieve that modern minimalist aesthetic without compromising function. At the end of the white marble countertop, a cantilevered black butcher’s block is conveniently at hand.
Designed for open-concept living, the Clou kitchen by Rational stands out because it blends in. That`s right, all the kitchen essentials are concealed behind chic cabinet fronts, appearing only when in use. Made for loft and compact living, and small multi-purpose spaces, this modern kitchen has a furniture look that blends seamlessly into the living area.
By Bauknecht… Whirlpool Green kitchen
This forward-thinking kitchen makes sustainability an easy part of every day. The Whirlpool Green Kitchen by Bauknecht, a brand of Whirlpool, uses residual heat from the refrigerator to operate the dishwasher. Now, that is our idea of beauty and brains! This kitchen even boasts a futuristic look, with streamlined style in a compact, linear version of the traditional kitchen triangle – stove, sink (dishwasher) and fridge, all within easy reach.


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