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One Story House Sandwiched Between Two Concrete Slabs

Located in a gated community called Quinta da Baroneza in the rural area of Itabtiba, 86km from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Redux House by Studio mk27 nestles into a sloped, west-facing site on the edge of a large environmental preservation area of a native forest. The downhill slope and the surrounding forest where key aspects that Studio mk27 used in designing Redux House, positioning the structure on the highest possible point within the site allowed them to capture the picturesque sunset views both from the home’s interior and via reflection from the LED lit swimming pool outside.

By positioning the home high within the terrain, the architects where also able to limit the impact on the surrounding landscape, creating the illusion that the home has sat comfortably within the surrounding mature vegetation for much longer then it actually has.
The single story home is composed of 5 volumes that sit on a large slab floor, mirrored by a similar sized slab ceiling and the interior zones are sandwiched in-between. The social volume is encased by walls of glazings to allow views from three directions to permeate the inside while the two private zones have been surrounded in operable wood louvers that can pivot to offer sunlight, shade, views to the outside or privacy to the rooms within.
All five of the living programs create a large rectangular footprint, which the outdoor terrace and swimming pool expand out from.
The pool projects out and over the downhill slope in a shallow but long cantilever.
At night the pool’s built in LED lighting create an ethereal connection to the landscape beyond.
The green glow from the water’s surface can be seen at a distance as it lights up the surrounding foliage.
The view from the pool, terrace and home itself is pretty spectacular.
With never ending panoramic views, the pool’s edge is the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy.
The concrete slab floor is supported by beams that are set back to exacerbate the delicacy of the pool’s cantilever which is positioned at 50cm above grade.
The outdoor terrace creates the connection from pool to home, but the terrace also creates a visual flow from the social zone to the private zone with its timbered decking matching the tonal value of the wooden louvers.
Geometric balance is achieved in the home with the careful juxtaposition of concrete and wood; vertical and horizontal planes, positive and negative shapes as well as the deliberate dance of light and shadow.
Even the mirroring of the ceiling and floor slabs adds a sense of mathematical deliberation.
The distribution of the volumes within the two slabs creates spaces that are separate yet conjoined, creating outdoor circulation terraces in the process.
The first volume is the social zone, wrapped on three sides by walls of glazing that slide open to create that sought after indoor/outdoor lifestyle.
Designed as one large and open space, and with enviable views, the social zone is both a comfortable place to hang out solo or entertain large groups of friends and/or family
The decor within this fun space picks up cues from its forested surroundings How perfect is the choice of this fun wagon wheeled side table?.
The soft pinks of the wagon wheel table and the various pillows create a deliberate sense of weathered patina.
Strength of tonality is saved for the neutral palette such as in these leather occasional chairs.
Interior millwork creates a floating wall that holds the media equipment as well as reading material, art and mementos.
Viewed from outside, the wall of millwork creates a visual connection to the wooden louvers encasing the other four volumes.
The dining room takes a more dramatic approach within its 3 red pendants over the table.
A smaller seating area is on the other side of the living room, tucked into the corner.
This cozier table is a great place to catch up on reading, writing or cruising the internet.
Behind the millwork a hallway leads to the third volume. This is where the kitchen, sitting room, laundry room, bathrooms and maids quarters are located.
Here, too, the walls of glass slide open for the ultimate outdoor connection.
A second, central hallway travels between the third and second volumes before arriving at the fourth and fifth ones at the far end of the home.
The second volume projects out past the line of glazing that surrounds the social zone. This is the private zone and it includes 4 bedrooms and a sauna.
The bedrooms each have their own ensuite. Designed with efficiency of space, the bathrooms boast a pop of emerald green that is a nod to the LED lighting used within the swimming pool.
The fourth volume contains the master suite and it is located on the far corner facing out to the view.
The two bedroom volumes are both completely clad in the operable louvers.
The fifth and final volume is where the garage and technical rooms are located.
Creating four distinct volumes within a 1-story home allows each area to be opened up for cross ventilation during the hottest of the summer days, but it also offers acoustical privacy from one area to the next.
Studio mk27
Photography by Fernando Guerra


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