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Terrazzo Concrete Vanity Top and Bowls – A Unique Bathroom Vanity from Quality Marble

If you’re looking to add some fun to your bathroom, this Terrazzo Concrete vanity top and bowls from Quality Marble might just be the product for you. This vanity top and bowls are composed of Anthracite Pebble, a fun and funky Terrazzo concrete product from Quality Marble’s Pebble range. It is a unique aggregate of black and white pebbles that, when combined with concrete, is able to be molded into almost any form imaginable. The vanity pictured here demonstrates how a strong, solid material like concrete can be molded into a soft, curvilinear shape to create an amazing contrast, resulting in a dynamic basin unit that is ideal for a consumer wanting to make a bold design statement. As Quality Marble’s diverse product line illustrates, concrete is rather versatile as a material. Its unique composition – the fact that it exists in solid and liquid form – allows a designer or homeowner to choose the color and shape of their liking, thereby allowing them to customize a basin to fit any bathroom space. The vanity unit seen here retails around £4995 or US$ 9,529. Quality Marble


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