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TableTron Inspired by Tron Movie

tabletron inspired tron movie 1 table thumb 630x493 28567 TableTron Inspired by Tron Movie

In TableTron, the table base, or vortex creates the imagery that reflects back to the movie Tron. It doesn’t take much imagination to visualize the main character of the movie – a computer programmer – being sucked into a whirlpool of software magic, only to disappear through an invisible barrier and enter the world of Tron. Movie visuals aside, TableTron is a beautifully executed design of an asymmetrical metal webbing and chamfered glass (or wood) that incorporates a base wide enough to support the top, and transparent enough to compliment any space, no matter how small.

tabletron inspired tron movie 2 top thumb 630x774 28569 TableTron Inspired by Tron Movie

The tabletop comes in glass or wood and the selection of woods available are as diverse as oak, rosewood, ebony, walnut, teak, etc. While a wood top brings in a warm and classic appeal, the glass top allows the intricacy of the mathematical logarithm of the steel base to be visible from every angle.


Marc Sadler designed the Tabletron for Capo d’Opera and it will be shown in Imm Cologne in January.
Marc Sadler
Capo d’Opera



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