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Swing Red Chandelier – Illuminated Art

the henley gallery ulla darni Swing Red Chandelier   Illuminated Art
The Swing Red Chandelier is an original work of art. As part of the Multiple Original Series, each piece is hand painted by artisans and recreates Ulla Darni’s inspirational designs. Darni also designed the decorative iron work which suspends her bent glass dome chandelier. Each design is truly unique, and the series encompasses a range of colours and artistic styles from around the world. The Swing Red Chandelier is a particularly stunning example. It’s a wonderfully organic flowing design, layering different patterns to create depth and interest. The rich warm colours will add warm light to a room, and add an exotic feel. Chandeliers range from 18 inches to 72 inches and each is signed, numbered, and copyrighted. Contact The Henley Gallery for more information.



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