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Mirror Wall System from Duravit – the Mirrorwall opens up your bathroom environment

Duravit Mirrorwall system - wall-to-wall mirrors
The Mirrorwall is an exciting mirror wall system for Duravit featuring the minimalist realism and clarity of German designer Herbert Schultes. Taking inspiration from the wall-to-wall mirrors in ballet and fitness studios he designed the system to enhance the architectural quality of the bathroom. Not wanting to break up the space by installing stand-alone units, the combined washbasin, mirror, storage system and light into one unique product. Simple and neutral, the Mirrorwall stars not only a mirrored background, but also a ceramic monoblock and wooden console with a ceramic strip running through it. The elegant ceramic basin is also beautifully reflected in the mirrors behind it. Highly practical, the design of this product is suitable for large or small bathrooms where it will create a great sensation of endless space. Flattering lighting will enhance your looks, or, why not try the optional LED lighting to make soft, radiant light in red, blue, green or yellow to calm or invigorate you, depending upon your mood. Contact Duravit.
Duravit Mirror wall system combines washbasin, mirror, storage system and light

Duravit Mirrorwall system - ceramic basin
Duravit Mirrorwall system - optional LED lighting


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