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10 Summer Trends To Bring The Sun In

Summer is the perfect time to give your home an instant facelift. By adding bold patterns and daring to your décor you can make your home feel like a beach house or a lake home. The key is adding key elements that will expand the space and bring summer directly inside.

Floral prints

floral print decor  10 Summer Trends To Bring The Sun In
Floral print does not have to be in one single area it can actually be in multiple different areas as long as it works well in the entire room. The key is keeping the room with similar colors for the best outcome. You also want the pops of color to make a statement every time.

Floral prints have been all the rage since last year and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. From wallpaper to throw pillows and curtains, floral prints are easy to bring in and make a staple in the home while adding vibrant hues.


copper tones decor  10 Summer Trends To Bring The Sun In
An excellent way to give your copper tones the ultimate spotlight is by pairing them with pink tones. Pink hues will bring out the richness n copper and give copper a modern vibe. Copper shades can look a bit more classic, but when paired with pink it upgrades the look immediately.

Move over silver and gold, copper hues are coming in strong. Copper is a fresh metallic that makes a statement anywhere it is placed. It’s effortless, trendy and brings in bold lighting to the room it is placed in, while still being effortless and elegant.

Sleek and Clean

Minimalist decor is the best way to keep a room looking fresh, trendy and well put together. Add a few fresh items to add the natural elements to bring a summery feel directly in. Keep the palette clean with little no color for the best outcome. 

Nothing says summer quite like clean, sleek, minimal décor. There is something fresh that happens when you bring together a room without adding unnecessary décor. The idea is to have what you need while packing a punch.


Do not limit yourself when it comes to the color green. Green hues work well in any room and during any season especially summer. This is true because of the lux feel it offers. Pairing it in the kitchen will give you a bright touch while still being understated.

Green evokes freshness and modern chic plus it’s a color that screams summer and that is exactly what you want when you are creating and upgrading your palette.  An easy way to add green to your home is to consider painting a wall or painting a cabinet a hue of rich green for a pop of color.

Mixed Prints

When played well and put together as they should be patterns can greatly enhance a room especially during the warmer months. Working them into your current decor will make the space appear larger and even more put together. Pair it with neutrals to bring the space full circle. 

Mixed prints have always been on trend, but this time they are coming fully on command. They are taking the spotlight of the room in a bold, daring way. The key is using similar patterns multiple times to make a big impact.

Outdoor Lighting

Regardless of the weather having a well-lit outdoor space works great because it brings touch of vacation directly indoors. There is something fun about having an outdoor space that feels attached to a resort or even like a lake house. Use multiple different size lighting for the best outcome.

We love a well-lit outdoor space and with the weather getting warmer it is only right the outdoor space gets a bit of an upgrade as well. The key is using string lights and multiple different lighting options outdoors that will combine the indoors feel with the outdoors for a unison that brings summer vibes to the entire home.

Summer Texture

When it comes to adding summery textures to the home the key is working them into your decor. The better the decor blends in the better it will appear. The home should feel modern yet with hints of coastal for the best outcome. Keep the colors neutral for an overall blend. 

Texture is big this year velvet and suede are taking over the cooler months, but for the warmer months consider using linen or burlap. They are both easy to use and they are lightweight, which means they provide a simple beach house feel in any room.


Moroccan decor is festive, bright and summery which is the perfect addition to any home when you want to have a summery touch to your decor. Keep the colors bright and airy for that classic moroccan feel. Pair with texture of a modern twist.

Moroccan décor is a trend that has been around for quite some time because of its beauty and effortless feel. Therefore, incorporating Moroccan items will add that pop of color that brings the desert vibes into your home.


Terracotta works best in the kitchen space because it will flow well with any decor you may already have going on. The key is working it in with shades of blue for a vibrant touch. The softness of the blue will enhance the richness of the shades of terracotta you may use.

It’s all about having rustic chic elements in your home, even during the summer. That is when terracotta comes into play. It is easy to pair décor with and even easier to add to the home. The best area to do so is in the kitchen space it will bring everything together in a farmhouse sleek kind of way.

Climbing Plants

Depending on your living room layout you may want to lay your plants in a cool design that adds a summer feel to the space you are in. The idea is to add greenery in a cool trendy way. Add a few neutral shades for the perfect contrast between the two.  Keep the room as pulled together as possible to allow the plants to stand out. 

Climbing plants are huge this year because of how easy they are to maintain. Pair them in large spaces such as the living room for the best outcome. Its chic and its summery all at once. What is there not to love?

Time for an upgrade. Which of these will you be trying at home? Please let us know in the comments below.



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