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Stone Tub Roma – luxury stone tubs by D’Vontz

There’s something stately and substantial about a stone tub. Warm to the eye but cool to the touch, it’s a combination that can only come from nature, but good design comes from D’Vontz – the maker of the Roma luxury stone tub. These stone baths boast a smooth, polished tub cradled in a rough, rocky base. Available in a choice of Antique Forest Marble, Blue Stone, Shanxi Black Granite and Galala Marble, each tub is unique in terms of color and veining, due to the naturally occurring minerals present in the stone. Matching slabs and sinks are also available, so you can design a coordinated look in your bathroom. Regardless, the centerpiece will always be the tub – especially when you choose something so sculptural, and utterly spectacular. The Roma tub measures 72 inches long by 40 inches wide and 26 inches high – plenty of room for a deep soak. For more information visit D’Vontz.



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