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Natural Stone Pedestal Sinks – pedestal sink photos from D’Vontz

Natural Stone Pedestal Sinks Photos from D'Vontz
Natural stone brings the Elica and Coda Pedestal Sinks from D’Vontz alive with the beauty of nature. Bold, contemporary sinks with geometric shapes, they boast a timeless allure. In using the sinks, the fine grain of the stone can be fully appreciated. Coda (top photo) is a pedestal sink with a deep hole carved all the way through the single piece of stone. This lends the sculptural sink a surprising lightness of form. The technical grace of Elica (bottom photo) pedestal sink is unsurpassed – a delicate swirl twists through the structure. The free-standing stance of the sinks further elevates their status – Elica and Coda are art for your bathroom. Contact the US-based company D’Vontz for more information on getting your hands on one of their natural stone pedestal sinks.



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