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Modern Natural Stone Sink from Stone Forest – new Sync system with futuristic grill drains

Stone Forest Sync system
For those who love natural stone, but wish to establish a minimalist feel within their bathroom, the new Sync System from Stone Forest is ideal. Totally contemporary, the Sync System feels entirely fresh by avoiding the usual, rustic interpretation of stone. Instead, materials such as carrera marble, honed basalt and onyx show off their beauty in sleek, modern styles teamed with stainless steel brackets. Futuristic grill drains in stainless steel also add a memorable detail to the basins. A modular system with endless possibilities, there are sinks, countertops and shelving to combine in any way you like. Bring natural stone and cutting edge looks to your home with the new Sync System from Stone Forest. You can purchase a rectangular sink for between $1010 – $1200. This can be paired with a square countertop which costs between $570 – $720. Brackets and shelves are also available for purchase.
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Stone Forest Sync system - single sink

Stone Forest Sync system - stainless counter


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