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Lovely Summer House Design

This humble wood clad house is the epitome of cottage chic! The cabin design by the architects at Design Blitz included a 500-sq.-ft. extension to an existing 600-sq.-ft. house, originally built in 1942 as a summer home here in west Sebastopol, California. This casual vacation property was renovated and revived with modern function and flair, and now serves as the family’s principal residence. The natural house design was inspired by its forest surroundings, setting the tone for the look and feel of the timber house, which is that of natural materials, light and views, with a distinctly contemporary edge when it came to furnishings and art.

According to the architects, “From the outset it was clear that this project had the potential to be something more than a simple addition, and that the whole house could be transformed into something very special. Among redwoods and in a stunning location adjacent to a seasonal creek, we took the opportunity to celebrate the setting and create a peaceful retreat for the owners.”
This timber home is clad is cedar siding and surrounded by a wood deck, offering plenty f outdoor living space and outdoor inspiration, inside and out.
Wall glass doors invite views and natural light inside, and beyond that, the doors swing open and dissolve that boundary between inside and out.
The surrounding redwood forest and the home’s timber facade are a good indication of what you’ll find inside – you guessed it, more wonderful wood!
The honey-colored wood floors and kitchen cabinetry lend a warm, natural appeal to these modern interiors.
Glass walls enclosing the open living / dining / kitchen combination flood the home with natural light and encircle it with lush view.
The glass wall follows the incline of the vaulted ceiling, adding height and maximizing the views.
We love the natural grains and mixed tones of the hardwood floors underfoot, leading you from kitchen through the dining area, and into the adjoining living room.
The living room is an artful blend of contemporary art, modern furnishings and organic elements, like the warm wood floors and the large picture window framing views of the outdoors.
The home’s style is contemporary, yet so livable and inviting. Lovely to look at and to live in…
The red brick chimney rises along the timber exterior. A car port offers shade and shelter on entry.
The mature trees tower to the front and rear of the home, creating a private pocket for living among nature, but in modern comfort and style.
While this forest home was originally built as an occasional retreat, it’s no wonder that the residents have chosen it as their primary home.
Design Blitz


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