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Stone Forest New Papillion Bathtub and Infiniti Pedestal

[KBIS 2007 Preview]
Beautiful and timeless Carrara marble finish featuring a web of grey veins, these Stone Forest Papillion Bathtub and Infiniti Pedestal have a sculptural beauty and elegance. The Bathtub have a sweeping spherical form and a gentle waving rim. Organic free flowing lines bring a sense of motion, like wind blowing through a field. The wide oval Infiniti Pedestal rises gracefully from the floor, and complements the beauty of the of the Papillion Bathtub. The large basin features tall straight walls that drop straight to the floor and commands a strong presence. The soft forms transform hard white stone into a light sculptural work of art. Transforming any bathroom into a serene and relaxing environment, the Stone Forest Papillion Bathtub and the Infiniti Pedestal bring simple beauty through sculptural forms.


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