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Feminine Table Design – Stiletto by Splinter Works

The name is as sexy as the design – Stiletto by Splinter Works is a gorgeous table inspired by the graceful lines and elegant curves of feminine footwear. This chic table features a sky-high heel as one of its legs, hand-sculpted from solid stacked walnut. The underside of the table is finished in polished red acrylic, echoing the iconic fashions of Christian Louboutin and his signature red-soled, high-end, high-heeled shoes. The tabletop comes finished in the choice of inlaid leather or French Burr Walnut veneer (pictured) dressing up its curved top, which extends downward to become the table’s second leg. Integrated drawers are lined with luxurious red nubuck leather interiors, and from the exterior are neatly hidden with no hardware to clutter the clean, contemporary look. This interesting, ever-fashionable table design makes an inspiring desk, console table or a dressed-to-the-nines dressing table that is sure to inspire your own fashion sense. Custom sizes and finishes are available. For more information visit Splinter Works.



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