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Levitating Lounger by Splinter Works – Bodice Rocker

This isn’t your granny’s rocking chair – that’s for sure. The levitating “Bodice Rocker” from Splinter Works is the perfect marriage between form and function — and style. And yes, it levitates! When your weight is upon the chair – it behaves like an ultra comfortable lounge chair. When you get up – so does the chair! And even better – it stands up on its own and becomes a functional sculpture. There’s a photo below that shows the motion but you really need to click the video below to get the full feature – you’ll be amazed! Crafted from fine white leather and hand-stitched, it’s an elegant piece of furniture and art combined. And if white’s not your color – Splinter Works will make it in any color you like and, if you want to go that extra comfort mile — they’ll even custom sculpt the piece to the contour of your body. Talk about personalization!

The chair curves with your body.
Not only a chair – but a high end leather sculpture when not in use.
Various stages of levitation (see video below!)

It really levitates!
More information: Splinter Works


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