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Rocker Daybed Odu by Rosconi

Designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann from Confused-Direction, the Odu Rocker is both a comfy seat and a swaying daybed. With no defined front and back this curvaceous and comfy shell does not have to be tucked up against a wall but rather it can be placed center stage just about anywhere. The name “Odu” is Hungarian for “cavern” which seems very apropos for this generous 1.2×1.1x.6 cm rocker / daybed / chair.

With the rounded shell base, Odu transforms into the function of your choice. Simply by adjusting the position of your body it switches its gravitational center. Sit forward and Odu is a chair, slide back and it’s a recliner, slide further back and it’s a bed.
The large outer shell is made of fiber laminate and epoxy resin; the inner core is upholstered in soft, skin friendly micro fiber of 20 different color choices.
The curvaceous format of Odu envelopes you in a cozy hug, offering a sense of security and warmth, and as you move, the shell rocks gently to and fro.
With 20 different color choices, the Odu Rocker can either be a statement piece or blend harmoniously within a monochromatic decor.
The choice of color allows Odu to fit within a variety of styles as well. This chocolate brown version takes on the country flare of its surroundings while a blue rocker is just the thing for a seaside escape while orange creates the perfect retro vibe.
Create the perfect pairing by featuring both the Odu Rocker with the Odu Lounge.
The development, engineering and design of Odu is by Aatelier Schneeweiss, who are known for their exclusive “Made in Germany” designer furniture
through Rosconi


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