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Staircase and Library Nook Design Combination

There’s something about books and a staircase that just seem to fit well together and this staircase / library nook design combination is working fantastically for us. It seems like the sweetest little corner – a very clever way of turning potentially wasted space into something valuable. The bookcase behind the Eames rocker serves also as a separation from the study that exists back there. The windows above the books are grandiose and provide great natural light, much needed for reading. At the top of the stairs, the kitchen overlooks this library nook and has wonderful views through the window. The walls and ceiling are great too, right? We threw in an image of the fireplace in the kitchen at the end because it’s so awesome. More treats for the eyes never hurts. Plus, it’s what you would se first coming up those steps. The whole place was designed by Bunq Architectes.
via: Design Boom
image credit: Thomas Jantscher



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