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Modern Breakfast Nook Ideas That Will Make You Want to Become a Morning Person

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while your stomach may not agree, it’s at least advisable to have something before you start a long hard work day. You can arguably make it more pleasant by creating a little area in your kitchen or living room, where you can read your morning news, check email, or simply watch as your neighborhood awakens and prepares for the day ahead. Some of these breakfast nook ideas can dispose even the most earnest owls to at least crack a smile at their sight.

Bright Breakfast Nook Ideas

Bright colors are energizing. And if you don’t drink coffee, you might need something else to perk you up after (hopefully) hours of sleep. There are many ways you can use brights to both take advantage of that quality but also lessen their characteristic eye-watering effect. A bold bright settee or bench is a great way to focus all attention on the area, while a few bright throw pillows make for eye-catchy accents.

Breakfast area at Park Avenue Apartment by Pier Fine Associates
Breakfast area at Park Avenue Apartment by Pier Fine Associates
Bright but elegant breakfast area by D2 Interieurs
Bright but elegant breakfast area by D2 Interieurs
Bright bold breakfast nook
Bright bold breakfast nook  by Benjamin Vandiver
Fashionably bold breakfast area
Fashionably bold breakfast area by Noz Nozawa
Breakfast nook in neon brights
Breakfast nook in neon brights via Bolig Magasinet

If you don’t mind the dynamic, you can also go for prints and patterns, either in upholstery or flooring. Noz Nozawa opted to create bold black and white wall stripes that make a great backdrop for white, bright green, and orange decor.

As usual, you can balance out the brights with neutrals like did Benjamin Vandiver, combining a bright blue settee with sand-color table and chairs.

Minimal Breakfast Nook Designs

Not a fan of loud sounds or colors in the morning? We hear ya. Minimalism does well not only in terms of style but also creates a calm atmosphere, where you can come to your senses at the pace, you’re most comfortable with. Milky greys, browns, and grey-ish blues are perfect hues for setting a mild tone to your breakfast area.

Elegant breakfast area
Elegant breakfast area via Rue Magazine
Modern breakfast nook design
Modern breakfast nook design by Lindsey Adelman
Stylishly minimal breakfast area
Stylishly minimal breakfast area by Arent & Pyke
Simple modernist breakfast nook
Simple modernist breakfast nook by Decor Aid

Gentle lighting and rare color accents will help you complete the picture of complete serenity. And simple prints like stripes will give your morning meditation zone a jolt of neutrality-friendly style.

To create a relaxing breakfast area, better keep it a few feet away from the window, as the morning sun might irritate and rile those who treat awakening with great reluctance.

Impressive Breakfast Nook Ideas

You might, understandably, want to fill your mornings with sophistication and luxury, so why not arrange your breakfast zone around a jewel-toned tufted settee and accessorized it with jewelry-styled pendants?

Window kitchen breakfast nook
Window kitchen breakfast nook by Breeze Giannasio
Breakfast area with a statement setee
Breakfast area with a statement settee by Incorporated Architecture and Design
Elegant breakfast nook settee
Elegant breakfast nook settee by Antonio Buzzetta
Dining-breakfast area
Dining-breakfast area by Stefanie Ferret

You might also opt for velvet and leather to add even more glamour to the scene. Marble, metallic accents, and dynamic patterns will give your morning room that trendy look.

As you may have noticed, designers use mirrors to strengthen the luxe atmosphere, and do not skimp on lighting.

Diner-Style Breakfast Nook Ideas

Diner-style breakfast nook ideas are the most popular. They can be both bright or neutral, and you get an excuse to use retro style furnishings and lights. The main feature of such a nook would be a window, but don’t despair, if you don’t have one. Just pick a cozy corner, and set your built-in bench there.

D2 Interieurs' retro diner breakfast nook
D2 Interieurs’ retro diner breakfast nook by D2 Interieurs
Kitchen corner breakfast nook
Kitchen corner breakfast nook by Beth Webb Interiors
Cool breakfast area
Cool breakfast area by O’Hara Interiors
Simple but sweet breakfast area
Simple but sweet breakfast area by Kapito Muller

Don’t worry about incorporating retro designs into your kitchen or living room, as these work greatly in both contemporary and modern homes.

You can also play with bright accents in upholstery, wall art, and accessories to personalize your nook.

Breakfast Table Arrangements

Breakfast nooks are often built-in kitchen corners, but you can have a separate small breakfast table instead. It’s convenient because it’s mobile. And it allows you not to serve the dining table every morning. It also makes for a perfect spot for receiving friends for tea and lunch.

Home Renovation Design Vancouver
Home Renovation Design in Vancouver by Chrissy & Co
Breakfast-dining area
Breakfast-dining area via Bethany Mitchell Homes
Small breakfast table area
Small breakfast table area by Studio McGee
Small breakfast table
Small breakfast table via A Beautiful Mess

A small round table is the item of focus here. You can put it anywhere you like, but if need arises you can easily get rid of it or relocate it.

Choose comfy chairs to go along with it, and you’re all set. The only thing that you may have to fuss over is lighting, but if your general light is good or there is a window nearby, it will not be a problem.

Window Breakfast Nook Ideas

Locating your breakfast nook by the window is always a great idea. Nothing is more refreshing than the morning sun. Even if you don’t have a sunny side in your kitchen/living room, some daylight will make for a sobering feature at breakfast.

Bay window breakfast nook by Jessica Page
Bay window breakfast nook by Jessica Page
Diner-style breakfast area
Diner-style breakfast area by Amie Corley
Breakfast nook with a view
Breakfast nook with a view via Janet Mesic Mackie Photography
Window breakfast nook
Window breakfast nook by Braun + Adams

There are windows that are made just for breakfast nooks. Bay layout is one of the best, and you should definitely take advantage of it.

Since you’ll doubtedly be relocating it, building in your breakfast zone into the den is possibly the best thing you could do.

Elegant Breakfast Areas

You’ll need to be a bit more thorough in your design to have your breakfast in style. Everything has to be deliberate and thought-through. No unnecessary details or fluff. But we suppose, you could say that about any well-designed space.

Elegant breakfast room
Elegant breakfast room by Studio Seiders
New York apartment breakfast nook
New York apartment breakfast nook by Best and Company NYC
Breakfast nook at the Philip House
Breakfast nook at the Philip House via New York Family
Sitting area that can be used for having breakfast
Sitting area that can be used for having breakfast via Jennifer Schoenberger Design

Anyway, if you need a cheat-sheet for elegant breakfast nook ideas, we’d say sophisticated neutrals would be on top of it. You could also look into classic furniture, restrained lighting, and minimalist decor accents.

French windows are perfect for creating that general atmosphere of elegance in any area. And you can always count on tasteful seats to bring some elegance to your morning routine.

Modern Breakfast Nook Ideas

Modern breakfast areas are all kinds of relaxed in terms of style. You can really have a ball mixing and matching various prints, styles, and decor elements. You don’t need to stick to minimalism or over-decorate. Just pick a focus item, and create an arrangement around it.

Contemporary sleek breakfast room
Contemporary sleek breakfast room by Angela Robinson
Generously-sized breakfast nook
Generously-sized breakfast nook via Design Sponge
Modern breakfast nook by H2 Design+Build
Modern breakfast nook by H2 Design+Build

Such an item could be a wall, a window, or a table. You can interchange chairs and seats, but the focal point will always be in the center of attention.

Modern design approach doesn’t employ neat dining sets, so plunge ahead with all the ideas you have, and experiment to see what works best for your interior.

Breakfast For Two Areas

If your breakfast area is less frequently used than the dining room, then the latter is of higher priority. But you can still have your morning nook, if you make it small. If there is only two of you, then it can also double as your dining area.

Jamie House remodel with a breakfast nook
Jamie House remodel with a breakfast nook
Informal breakfast nook by WAKE + LOOM
Informal breakfast nook by WAKE + LOOM
Kitchen breakfast area
Kitchen breakfast area by Orchid Newton Ltd.
Sweet breakfast nook
Sweet breakfast nook via Trendy Lisbon

A nook for two is the easier thing to design. Just pick a location, take measurements, and shop for the appropriate furniture.

The best thing about such a nook is that you can relocate it easily whenever you need more space for something that is of higher priority for you at the moment.

In-Built Breakfast Nooks

They may be set there for life, but the built-in breakfast nooks have their own advantages. For one, you can equip them with additional storage space. And you can always get rid of the table and additional chairs to turn it into a reading nook instead.

Cool modern breakfast area
Cool modern breakfast area by Shift Interiors
Colorful breakfast nook
Colorful breakfast nook via TheKitchn
Corner breakfast nook
Corner breakfast nook from TVIS

They can be built together with your kitchen cabinetry or extend from a custom TV unit. The best thing is that you don’t have to shop for an expensive settee or a small sofa to fit your available space.

Finally, built-in space doesn’t have to be styled in the spirit of a diner. You can make it as modern and contemporary as you want with appropriate furnishings and decor accents.

Artful Breakfast Arrangements

In the mood for some inspiration before a long day at work? How about adding a little something extra to your morning arrangement? Like a piece of important photography or an artwork that is meaningful to you?

Bright breakfast nook
Bright breakfast nook via Hello Hamlet
Caitlin McCarthy Designs retro breakfast nook
Caitlin McCarthy Designs‘ retro breakfast nook
Cool built-in breakfast nook
Cool built-in breakfast nook by House of Honey

This makes for a complete picture of the area regardless of style. A dining set, a lamp, and an artwork always work best together.

Art also elevates any design. There is certainly something dignifying about it. Just take a look at the examples above, and compare them to the rest.

Family Breakfast Nook Ideas

A family breakfast nook may be in order, if you have a lot of people living together and waking up at the same time. It’s not only practical, but it’s also a great way to bond, and catch up in a more intimate and casual atmosphere.

Behind the counter breakfast area
Behind the counter breakfast area by Amory Brown
Amber Interiors' breakfast area design
Amber Interiors’ breakfast area design by Amber Interiors
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner by Jeffrey Dungan Architects
Sweet country-style breakfast table
Sweet country-style breakfast table via Country Living

Modern breakfast nook ideas are all about style, so don’t forget about functionality and practicality. Make your morning area more versatile, and you will never regret spending money and time on designing this sweet little spot.


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