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These 38 Home Libraries Will Have You Feeling Just Like Belle

Feel just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast by creating your very own home library. If you have the space and the love of books, why not transform a nook or even an entire room into a space to read, relax and enjoy everything under the literary sun. Check out our roundup of 40 of the most beautiful home libraries that we could find!

Traditional Home Library

Here’s a home library that falls under two major categories: luxury and traditional. It’s traditional in style, but the vast windows and two-level experience makes it quite indulgent to the avid reader.

Stitched Panorama

You’ll find this gorgeous, circular home library featured over at Homedit. We love the nook vibe but also how traditional and antique the space feels, adding a bit of mystery to your afternoon reading.

Blue Home Library

We stumbled upon this stunning, blue home library at House Beautiful and knew we had to share it with our readers too! How amazing does this monochromatic space feel and how much more enticing it becomes in the relaxed, rich shade?

Traditional Home Libraries

Here’s another home library that seems to be able to fit nicely inside a larger, family home. Even if you carve out a space in your office, which seems to be the case here, having this nook of luxury will be so enjoyable for everyone.

Modern Home Library

If you prefer modern or minimalist designs, then you’ll need to check out this space. The lighting is perfect for reading and the shelving is the best gift for book collectors and readers.


Simple and sweet with a cozy, homey feeling, this home library has both feminine and family-oriented style. Built-in shelving and clutter-free design makes for a room to enjoy.


And it’s so perfect for the kiddos in the house to enjoy as well. Between the ladder and the reading seat, it’s a great combination of function and fun.

Home Library Design Ideas

Over at Laurel & Wolf, you’ll find this gorgeous and feminine space. Fill it with books and embrace the natural lighting in a room that’s built to breathe.

Modern Simple Home Library

Here’s another library made for the minimalistic-minded. There’s no clutter, just function and sharp edges that blend with a contemporary vision.

Neutral Home Library

Neutral tones are at the forefront of this home library design, and we love how the room can be used for more than just an afternoon read. Find the library used as an accent wall full of interest as well.

Cool, Casual Home Library

Check out this cool and casual home library that’s full of both romance and a bit of mystery. We love the plum furniture and hardwood floors, but we also love the trendy vision behind the setup.

Trendy Unique Home Libraries

Elle Decor featured three of the funkiest and most fun home library finds. Firstly, between the zig-zagged staircase and the blue shelving – we’re swooning. Then we have a nook that’s full of eclecticism and finally, if you’re needing to transform a smaller space into a library why not just find the right kind of shelf as the foundation?

Luxurious Home Library

There’s something both luxurious and a bit sexy about this home library design. Between the bar int he corner, the black shelving and the velvet couch, it’s so welcoming and enveloping!

Home-Library-Design Idea

This unique design is one of our favorites because of how funky it really is. The opening of this reading nook is made by the bookshelves themselves!

Red and Leather Home Library

Bold, masculine and bursting with a passionate flair, this home library has a bit of everything. From top to bottom, there are so many details to explore.

Trendy Home Library Design

Check out Shelterness for some super trendy and chic home library designs. If you’re looking for something youthful and fashion-forward, this one is right up your alley.

Feminine and Modern Home Library

This home library has everything from feminine touches to pops of color rounding out its design. And it seems to have a very artistic foundation, and we love that combination!

Classic Home Office and Library

As mentioned previously, you  may have to combine your home office with your library. And right here is a beautiful and traditional example of how to make that happen.

Modern Contemporary Home Office

Another contemporary treat for us to admire. The gorgeous windows paired with a cozy fireplace only makes this home library that much more stylish and welcoming too.

Home Library Staircase

Here‘s a great example of how to incorporate a home library into your house when there isn’t much space. These shelves do the trick and fit right into this hallway and bonus area space.

Funky Home Library Design

We’re also swooning over this super funky, high-ceiling workspace. It’s full of open shelves and a super light feeling, just imagine all of the possibilities surrounding the setup.

Elegant Home Library

If you’re looking for a bit of elegance and vintage flavoring for your home library, this space has exactly what you need to inspire that vision. And it can be prepared with all neutrals in mind.

Small Home Library Design

Again, sometimes you fit your home library into the space you’ve got instead of transforming an entire extra room. Right here, the shelving space is where you’ll find all the best reading material.

Open Home Library

We love this space because of how open and light it seems. It’s also extremely welcoming to a family. Just look at all of these cozy furniture pieces!

Home Libraries Designs

This home library has an open and eclectic feel that we find both trendy and inviting. There’s a place to relax and enjoy, but nothing is too crisp and has a more personal style.

Modern Clean Home Library

Modern, clean and ready to be filled to the brim with fun reads and collector pieces, this library is sharing a living space making it just another great example of creating a nook in smaller homes.

Home Library Unique Design

This is one of the most unique designs of the bunch! The floating, corner shelves are so chic and the level up shelving system is such cool effect for both style and storage space.

Vintage Eclectic Home Library

Here‘s a unique and funky home library that we find to be full of personal style and interest. There’s a vintage vibe that is both enticing and shows a lot of artistic presence.

Open Home Library Design

Libraries full of natural lighting are some of the most beautiful. They provide an airy and welcoming feel that you’ll want when it comes to a spot for cracking open a good book.

Home Library Nook Design

Sweet little nooks are a personal favorite and this one is no different. Hidden away at the top of a staircase, you’ll find shelves and a cozy seating area for all forms of relaxation.


Get creative with your home library design. If you’re in an apartment, studio space or just a small home, you’ll need to create the space. Here’s just another example of making one room multi-functional.

Black Home Library

Swooning over this home library is completely acceptable. Everything about it is luxurious, welcoming and made for those that truly enjoy a good book.

Two-Level Home Library

Hop on over to Homedit to catch sight of this two-level masterpiece. If you’re able to create one of these beauties inside your home, we’re jealous!

Design A Home Library

Here’s more built-in shelving that works wonders for small homes. Your library has already been carved out for your to fill up and enjoy!

Black and Gold Home Library

This library is full of glamorous details and texture. The black and gold makes the space feel less like a relaxed library and more like a bold part of a stylish home.


Another small space but with big function and stylish. This definitely has that trendy, hipster vibe that we love and it’s perfect for a more youthful vision.


Another beautiful home library full of traditional value and homey style. The best part about it those are the rich pops of colors woven throughout the foundation.

Cottage Home Library

And finally, we have a home library filled with feminine vibes and a light cottage flair. The white and green mark a unique pairing for a space as such, don’t you think?{found on architecturaldigest}.


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