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Unique Ways To Bring A Spooky Twist To Your Front Porch

Between the excited trick-or-treaters, the friendly neighbors bringing over pumpkin pies, and your own natural outing, during October and Halloween your front porch gets a whole lot of foot traffic. Therefore, you want to create a fun space that brings a classic twist of spooky yet is welcoming. The best way to do this is by having a unique display that is signature to your home. Here are a few unique ways to bring a spooky twist to your front porch.

Spooky Treat Table

Add chairs to your table to create an enchanting area that doubles as an outdoor seating. Doing so will brighten the room in a chic yet spooky manner.

While many of us traditionally have a treat basket or even a mini treat desk, it’s time to upgrade the look and create a spooky treat table. Take a large dresser place it at the end of your porch and decorate it as if it were part of your living room. Bringing that spooky feel while making a grand statement with the size of your table and the décor is perfect for creating an inviting area for kids. You might even want to add a few cocktails for parents as well.

Rustic Beauty

Pair your rustic touch with pumpkins of numerous different colors, textures and sizes for that classic Halloween feel that is surrounded by rustic bits that bring it all together.

Many think of Halloween as the perfect time to add a scary touch to their porch; however, if you want to keep it upscale and friendly while still being spooky add a rustic touch. What this means is you will add pumpkins in multiple different sizes and colors for that classic Halloween feel yet pair them with flowers or other softer fall decorative bits.

Trick or Treat

Whether your signs say “trick or treat” or some other spooky one-liner the option is up to you. The idea is to have classic signs that add an additional layer of decor.

Who doesn’t love signs? If you do, this is the perfect form of decorating your front porch quickly and easily. Take signs that say, “trick or treat” and place them on your porch. Pair them with spooky bits to bring that traditional Halloween feel while still being upscale and fun. We recommend using classic colors such as red and orange or black to bring a twisted touch in a simple way.


Fill your lanterns with candles for an instant edgy upgrade, consider using candles in different colors such as black, orange or yellow for a daring gleam that might just spook your neighbors.

Do not forget the lanterns! Lanterns are perfect for fall and the holiday seasons. They bring light, create enchanting spaces and make any space feel complete, add them in dark hues for a spooky touch, and pair them with a few classic Halloween elements.

Spooky Enchantment

Creating a spooky theme is the perfect way of bringing the spotlight to your front porch. The only drawback will be all of your trick or treaters will want to take pictures with your spooky decor.

If you find spooky bits such as a hanging witch and or a monster, go ahead and create an entire storyline on your porch with them. There is nothing as fun to experience during Halloween quite like a good scare. Decorate your porch according to the scary monsters or witches you find and make your home the highlight of your neighborhood.

Don’t Forget the Lights

Add your unique colored light bulbs to your pumpkins for a different form of lighting them instead of using candles. This is an excellent way of bringing additional color to your porch while still being mysterious.

During the fall months, the sun goes down a bit earlier and the days might feel shorter, but what’s for certain is lighting is a must. Therefore, it only makes sense to have spooky lights as part of your décor. Having these lights will ensure you have good lighting for the trick or treater as well as adding to your décor.

Bring on the Trees

If you do not have trees as part of your porch or directly in front of it, place a few planted or fake trees and spray paint them black for an instant refreshing feel.

Whether you have trees in front of your home, on the side or as part of your porch, go ahead and decorate them. There is something quite spooky about having bare trees with Halloween décor on them. It creates the enchanted forest feel that almost comes to life during the evening hours.


When decorating with skeletons get creative and love your decor. Add a skeleton sitting down or pose them up in a funny manner for a charming twist that is still spooky.

Skulls and skeletons have been a staple of Halloween since the beginning of time. Therefore, why not take full advantage of this by creating a creepy skeleton family display. Have them hanging from your porch space, sitting on a hay or even create a dining table outside with skeleton friends enjoying a meal, its fun, unique and easy to do- a win-win for all.

Don’t forget the door

If you don’t want to fully decorate your door consider adding elements that add to your to your porch decor not just decorate your door. Doing so will bring your decor fully together.

Your front porch décor is never complete unless you decorate your front door. Hang a creepy wreath or have signs that direct your trick or treaters to the hidden candy area. You might even want to DIY a Halloween door décor for a unique way to bring the sinister Halloween spirit to life. Another idea is to paint blood splatter on the door, by purchasing washable paint, you couldn’t engage your children in this idea by having their handprints placed around as if the scene of the crime truly occurred.

Pumpkin Greetings

Get creative with your pumpkin decor to make our stairs come to life. Carve them with funny monster faces or even with an asymmetrical style for a contemporary touch.

If you love decorating with pumpkins this season as much as we do. Create a pumpkin patch with jack o lanterns for a well-lit space that screams Halloween holiday cheer. Place pumpkins throughout your entire porch in different colors, sizes, and even textures. Think of those Halloween bumpy pumpkins nobody wants and add them in for that spooky effect.

Halloween is here, and it is time to finish up last minute decorating. Which of these will you be including in your décor? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.


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