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12 Modern Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin without Carving

Painted Pumpkins
It’s Fall and pumpkins are proudly being displayed in stores but this year when you bring home one or ten, instead of going traditional and carving a face into them, why not paint them a solid contemporary color like radiant orchard or black plum with maybe a whole lot of sparkly on the stem. It’s an easy peasy DIY that involves a small amount of work while creating a huge impact.

Pumpkin Candleholders
The sun is going down earlier and earlier which means its time to break out the candles. We all know candles and pumpkins are a match made in Halloween heaven, but have you ever used mini pumpkins to make candleholders? I bet now you will.
Pumpkin in a Witch Hat
If you want to cover all your bases in one easy Halloween composition how about this idea, it incorporates ghosts, witches and bats and makes for a boo-tiful black and white glam statement.
Home Decor Inspired Pumpkins
Chevrons and leopard spots on pumpkins create the purr-fect modern moment and you can choose your colors from your own home’s decor.
Liberace Pumpkins
Here’s a little Bohemian rhapsody to satisfy the Liberace in all of us. This pumpkin looks cozy enough to curl up with for a snooze!
Doily Covered Pumpkin
Chances are you have never thought of vintage doilies as a modern accessory. Well, think again – not only is this doily-covered pumpkin modern but its also pretty awesome looking.
Velvet Pumpkins
Then again maybe velvet is more your thing. I seriously have a major crushed velvet on these easy to make Plush Velvet Pumpkins!
Glittered Pumpkins
What’s Halloween without a whole lot of glitter? I’m not sure which I like more, the stripes or the spots but what I do know is that combined these glitter pumpkins make a great statement especially against these naturally patina’d weather-worn planks.
Decoupage Photo Pumpkin
Here’s a unique way of displaying family photos – put them on a pumpkin! This would make a fabulous hospitality gift for family and friends. Who wouldn’t love a decoupage photo pumpkin of their family?
Neon Paint Pumpkins
These eye popping fun neon paint gravity defying upside down drip pumpkins are a bold and graphic statement that creates a modern juxtaposition with a definite pop.
Copper Tape Pumpkins
Copper tape is an easy DIY way of adding a metallic touch to your pumpkin vignettes whether sprawling on a tablescape or grouped at your front door.
Bittersweet White Pumpkins
A great way of highlighting natures fall bounty is to wrap a few branches of berries around a series of white pumpkins displayed in a row down your dining table.
More painted pumpkins – yellow and pink.


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