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Trendy Ways To Decorate With Neon Signs

The latest trend in home décor is neon bright signs directly in the home. Here are a few ways to decorate with neon signs. These incredible signs are the perfect touch to any décor.  They are vivid, fun, and trendy. Whether you want to add a calming phrase or go bold with a neon hue these signs say what you want to say in your home. Here are a few ways to incorporate this year’s latest trend- neon signs.

Unexpected Art

The living room is the perfect area of the home to place a neon sign in, especially if the living room is in need of a quick revamp. This is also another excellent way to add an edgy touch that feels put together and beautiful. Choose a bold shape and color for an elegant element. 

Using neon signs as art is an excellent way to create a quirky space in any room. It non-traditional, fun and gets the job done the first time. Say a daring phrase or a soft statement and let the sign be the statement piece your home needs.

Pop of Color

Black walls are elegant and trendy. However, if you want to have a quirky touch that simply makes sense in any area bright, colorful neon signs is the way to go. Choose a phrase that makes sense in the room or a message that is near-and-dear to your heart and display it on a wall anywhere in the home.

If you love dark walls but want them to have something bold to say adding in a neon sign is the perfect way to do just that. Its an excellent form of focusing on a phrase or even a life motto that you want to see on a regular basis in your home. Keep the space focused on your neon sign for the perfect contrast between light and dark.

A subtle hint

Choose a simple sign that makes sense in the room it paired in so it makes a focal point. This works beautifully in a neutral tone room as the brightness of the neon lights will pull together beautifully. Additionally,the bold lighting will make the room appear larger.

Neon lights don’t just work well when you want them to make a statement they also work well you want a subtle hint of focus. You can choose to incorporate a smaller sign that is dainty and cute or a bold bright sign that makes a sharp focus while still being unique and subtle.

Touch of Chic

The dining room is always a good area to bring in a brightening factor, especially if you want to revamp the space and give it a modern touch. Neon lights are perfect because they work with multiple different hues on the wall. This is exceptionally true when you are working with a dark wall color.

The places you can place your neon signs are endless. Therefore, having them as part of your entertainment area can provide a great outcome. Pair your sign next to your dining area for a completed trendy yet boo chic appeal that is easy to work around.

Unique Pop

Color, color and more color is the way to go in a mostly neutral room. Add a bold sign in a neon hue that makes sense to the space you are trying to create. Pair the room with multiple different lighting fixtures to brighten the room in a unique way. Plus neon lights add a grander form of texture that simply works.

Want to add color as well as lighting to an area of your home? If that is the case, adding a sign that is either in an intricate shape or has a unique aspect to it will make a huge difference. Pair it in a minimalist room for the best appeal. You may even want to have the sign be the ultimate touch of modern.


Keep the color flowing with a standout sofa that makes the space pop against your neutral hues, pair that with a neon sign in a daring hue for the perfect touch. The color schemes together will make an undeniable statement. Make the room the main focus of the home by offering color, especially bold color. 

Get charming with a phrase that stands out from your décor. Consider a short phrase or a long phrase the options are endless when you want to go this route. The idea is to keep the idea simple and chic for that hint of much needed feminine charm in the space.

White on white?

White on white is perfect for a small room that needs to feel large and more put together. Pair your white furniture with white neon signs for a cohesive look that simply works. Maintain the decor simple for a layout that keeps making the space elegant.

White walls paired with a luminous white sign are the perfect combination when you want a sleek look that makes sense and adds to your current décor. The idea is to have the space become the center focus. The white neon sign should blend yet stand out all at the same time.

Keep it Cool

Make a simple statement with a powerful neon sign on a white canvas for that undeniable hue that makes the room speak for itself. Pair it with a unique chandelier to bring the modern touch to a newer, trendier area in your home. Keep the space bright with fresh flowers and brighter colors.

Keeping it cool is a great way to keep the space put together while still being trendy. Use bold colors that make a statement and keep the space as cool and collective as possible. You can thank us later when your décor is the talk if all town.

Take it to the bathroom

If you are considering adding a neon sign to any area of the home the bathroom could be the perfect space. The idea is to bring a unique twist to a simple space that is typically monotone. Keep the space trendy with a cute neon sign that makes your guest and you feel right at home. Choose a cool for a unique contrast.

Yes, you read that correctly, take your neon signs to the bathroom for a unique look. The idea is to have the space be everything you want it to be in the best way possible. There is always the fact that a neon sign will be fun to look at during bubble baths.



The nursery is one of the best places to incorporate a simple neon sign in due to its intricate lighting ways. Pair it with a textured room that needs a touch of something extra. The idea is to have the lighting be part of the main focal point.

The nursery is another space that is excellent to have neon signs in. Its trendy while allowing you to send a secret message to your baby. They can also double up as night lights, which is great when you want to have a night light added to the room without disrupting the décor.

Which of these ideas are you incorporating into your home? Please let us know in the comments below.


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