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Best Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas For An Eerie Twist

If there has even been a time to go wild with your décor it’s during Halloween. The holiday itself forces you to take the next step and truly embrace decorating the outside of your home. Whether you love Halloween or not, everyone knows there’s a bit of competition that happens between neighbors on who will decorate the best. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a guide on the best outdoor Halloween decorating ideas for an eerie twist that is sure to inspire you to try them out this year.

Simple and Sophisticated

When keeping it minimal you want to scatter the decor around, doing so will brighten the outdoor space overall.

Halloween tends to be the holiday where everyone wants to go over the top; however, a spooky display with all the bells and whistles isn’t for everyone. Sometimes a simple and sophisticated look is all you need. Whether you, add a few pumpkins or you keep your décor to a minimum it’s all up to you. The case is you want to flow with what you have instead of needing to go overboard and completely over the top.

Stack Bales of Hay

Pair your bales of hay with some other festive bits to complete the look

Set up the ultimate Halloween display by stacking bales of hay and placing your candy on them. It’s all about creating a Halloween banquet that not only brings forth a festive vibe but truly completes the look. Additionally, it’s an excellent form of having candy, display for your trick or treaters without having to supervise it.

Black Pumpkins

Add classic Halloween fixtures to complete the overall vibe of your porch

Take your display into a glamorous direction by using black pumpkins. Though you might consider them spooky when they are done in a versatile manner, they turn quite charming. You can almost consider them the perfect alternative to traditional orange ones when you want something fresh and new to display. Pair your black pumpkins with other sleek items for that elegant twist that is still very festive.


Downsize means going smaller in the size of your decorative bits without taking away from the decor you want to display

When most of us think about Halloween we immediately consider “big, bold, haunting and in your face.” However, this year we are taking things a little bit lighter by downsizing on the décor. If you are all about being festive, you can continue to do that, but for those that want to keep it chic going smaller will be the way to go. The key is using the same amount of décor just downsizing it a bit and having fun with it along the way.

Do not be afraid of Dark Décor

When going dark consider using as many shades of black as possible for that rich touch even if you add no flowers

The darker you go with your décor the better. It takes your décor to the next level by simply embracing the richer hue and making it feel even that much richer. This works best when you are adding a floral touch to your Halloween décor. There is a classic eerie feeling that comes with having darker flowers that is perfect for Halloween and even for fall.

Bring on the Wreath

The idea of using a wreath works fantastically well when you want to add a bit of decor while making a statement yet don’t want to go overboard

We love a good wreath. Wreaths are great for all seasons and we could not miss this one. Add in a spooky wreath to truly make your door come to life. It’s all about your door when you are decorating your porch. Furthermore, there is a sneak appeal that comes from having a chic wreath. Consider working your wreath in with other decorative bits around your door to truly make that spooky statement.

Don’t forget the backyard

When decorating your backyard you want to go as bold as possible in order to create the perfect Halloween escape

Is there anything quite as enchanting as decorating your backyard? While most of us will consider the backyard as our oasis sometimes giving it a spooky twist is a way to go. Add in sneaky light fixtures and bold pumpkins to make it come to life in a modern way. You want to be as modern as possible while still having that eerie element. Hang cobwebs and other bits to complete the creepy, sneaky appeal. Furthermore, add jack-o-lanterns for an easy tidbit of the spooky season.

Vampy Signs

Add daring bits to your signs to further showcase the vampy aesthetic its all about being bold and daring from the very beginning

If you want to go the DIY route, creating a vampy sign is a good idea. Creating any type of Halloween sign is top-notch not only will it a fun way to incorporate the holidays into your everyday décor but it saves you money and who doesn’t love to save money? In any case, grab some paint, a large wood panel and embrace your creativity with a whole new display of words or spooky one-liners.

Go Monochromatic

When going for a monochromatic approach bring in different textures yet keep most of your decor the same for a daring bold element

Stipulating that you want to decorate for Halloween but also for the fall season without having to continuously change the décor, go for a monochromatic approach. Pick a color and run with it. You want to ensure all of your décor is one single color for the monochromatic vibe. Furthermore, we like the idea of going completely white and adding a Halloween vibe that way.

Personalize your Pumpkin

Get as personal as you want in order to create that super chic look that feels festive yet unique to you and your home.

Guide trick or treaters to your home by having personalized pumpkins that offer either your home number or state pride or even a Halloween fixture. You might even consider painting a bat or classic Halloween character on your pumpkin for a cool appeal. It’s one of the coolest ways of bringing your style forth in a festive kind of way.

How do you decorate your outdoor space for Halloween? Share with us your ideas below.


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