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Space Saver Wash Basin by Roca – Amberes washbasins

This chic space-saver wash basin by Roca is proving that even the smallest of bathrooms can boast big style. Making the most of every square inch – whether you have lots to spare, or your bathroom is small but sweet – the Amberes wash basin is a one-piece freestanding fixture that can be installed virtually anywhere. Say “goodbye” to wasted space and say “hello” to fashionable function. Whether by the wall or in the center of the room, this space-saver wash basin is an attention grabber. The modern, minimalist aesthetic complements a range of decors, and in an ultra-contemporary, unexpected twist, we just love the new joystick-style faucet controls. Marrying art and function, the Amberes basin has certainly got our attention! See it for yourself by visiting Roca.



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