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Shower Basin Combo by Roca – Showerbasin

The Showerbasin by Roca is a smart, space-efficient bathroom essential which combines shower and sink into one. Ideal for small bathrooms in compact homes or condos, the shower-basin combo only takes up half the space of traditional bathroom suites, but delivers double the function. A Maxiclean shower enclosure comes in the choice of a central or corner design, with its entrance positioned either on the left- of right-hand side to suit your bathroom layout. Inside you’ll find the shower tray, and a shower column with fixtures on the interior and a mirror on the exterior. On the other side of the glass is the stylish wash basin, and vanity mirror above it comes equipped with a demister and integrated light. A furniture storage unit below the washbasin puts towels and toiletries within easy reach. The clean and contemporary look combined with compact convenience make shower-basin combo a must. For details visit Roca.



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