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Sophisticated Guest Room Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Not Want To Leave

Houseguests are one of these people whom we love to have but let’s face it after some time they can feel a bit “overbearing” or even feel as if they overstay at your home. Making everyone feel comfortable including guests and homeowners, is one of the best ways to ensure everyone feels at home day in and day out. What better way to do this than to have a homey, sophisticated guest room? Here are a few ideas on how to create a guest room that is welcoming and cozy.

Make a statement

When we think of grand many of us think of “large and in charge,” we are here to tell you that a textured headboard works just as well and feels even grander.

Just because the guest room is an additional space to your home does not mean that it needs to be completely different. We recommend making a statement in the room as well. Contemplate having a bold headboard, or a chandelier that brings an intricate touch, having both in the room adds an appealing contrast.

Take your attic to the next level

If your attic is spacious enough, consider having two beds instead of one and placing them in the floor for a full “natural” is the best vibe.

As stated in a previous article attics are an excellent space to have a guest room. They are a bit away from the rest of the home, yet they are integrated into the home perfectly. Add a bed or two and even a kitchen to create an apartment-like room directly in your attic.

Give them a reading nook

Bring on a cozy nook, for those restless nights that most of us would rather stare at the starry night instead of going directly to bed.

A reading nook provides a welcoming almost calming addition to the room. It gives your guests somewhere to cozy up to while being away from their home. If you have a window as part of your nook will feel grander and put together all at once. Add cozy elements such as a few throw pillows, a blanket and a seating cushion to bring color and texture all at once.

Use darker hues

Keep the room spacious by having only dark walls as the rich element. Doing so allows you to make a statement while being bold and grand yet casual and sleek.

Keep the room clutter free and with minimum décor but with a bold element by using darker hues. Darker hues bring a sense of coziness and intimacy while still being comfortable to the space. Allow the darker hue to make a huge statement on its very own, by keeping the rest of the décor sleek and chic.

Fresh flowers

The idea is to bring freshness right where you need it, without taking away from your current decor.

Do not forget to add fresh hints to the room, in particular, we recommend using fresh flowers and having them create a seamless touch. Consider adding the fresh flowers with bold colors to bring texture and character to the room while still being seamless.

Keep it open

Windows are amazing because of how much freshness they add to the room. Keep them open to add a little bit outdoors indoors

If you have a ton of windows, keep them without curtains to provide a well-rounded openness to the room. Furthermore, ensure the room has minimal décor allowing the windows to make a unique statement all on their own. Consider allowing your décor to embrace your windows, this can be done by having your décor point directly to the windows themselves.

Built-in furniture

 One of the best aspects of having built-in furniture is how vacation-like they feel. There is something about them that feels almost like a resort, but right at home. 

We love a good clutter free room with little to no additional decorative elements. This can be achieved by having built-in furniture- having built-in furniture gives you the satisfaction of having everything you need directly in the room without having to look or add additional pieces. These pieces are excellent as you will always have a classic element whenever you need it.

Keep books in there

If you really want to bring a warm feeling to the room consider a bookshelf. A large bookshelf is exactly what you need to help that room feel more put together.

Who doesn’t want a few books in their room to unwind at the end of the day? If you are a bookworm like us, then you know how enchanting books in a room can be, not only are they relaxing to have but they add an additional decorative element. Add a small bookshelf and allow the room to have that “nerdy” chic twist many of us know and love.

Pick a theme

Bring a theme to the room, and let it ooze throughout the entire room. The grander the theme the better, bring simple decor for an excellent approach. 

Give your room sleek twist by picking a theme and sticking to it. For that grand element in the room, bring in a unique theme and allow it to be the staple of that particular space. This room can have any theme you would like, allowing you to create an oasis that is separate from the rest of the house.

Consider a seating area

Add a sofa, two seats and even a table for a seamless approach that makes the room feel like an extension of the room.

While you might already have a bed, consider bringing on a seating area as well. A seating area is great when you want to create a cozy aesthetic that brings a calming space back to life. The idea is to have the seating area flow seamlessly in the room, having this allows your guests to do more than just sit around and enjoy the appeal.

Your guest room might just become your favorite additional room in your home, where even you can escape from the rest of your home when you need a bit of peace and quiet.


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