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Ocean Home with Detached Guest House

Horst Architects received a brief from their clients to create a family beach house on a site located on top of a vertical and rocky site overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach, California. The client’s wanted a comfortable home where they could entertain family and friends while enjoying the oceanic and landscape views that the site offered. With the help of Aria Design, the architect and Interior Designer created two volumes that revolves around courtyards, creating both indoor and outdoor living spaces with both day and evening amenities. The larger volume contains the social and private zones of the client while the secondary volume holds a self-contained guest suite. Both buildings retain privacy by the careful planning of communal spaces, landscaping and view orientation. The courtyards wrap Rockledge Residence on two sides with entry to the main volume via the family room.

The family room features a double sided couch with seating deep enough that each position could easily be considered a chaise and what better way to watch TV then from a chaise lounge. When not watching TV or enjoying the fire, the seating on the other side offers a casual connection to the kitchen just beyond.
ocean-home-detached-guest-house-3- kitchen.jpg
The kitchen consists of a galley prep space, an island with cooktop and dining table as well as a wall of full height cabinets. The colour blocking of the dining table and upper cabinets creates a linear geometric aesthetic while the contemporary light offers a more exploded geometry.
The clean lines of the kitchen follow through to the TV zone.
Upstairs, the formal living room is just as comfortable but features furnishings in a more tailored style. While the family room below opened to the courtyards, the upstairs living room opens to a large terrace that exposes the brilliant blue hues of the Pacific Ocean.
Just behind the formal living room and up a few stairs is the dining zone. While the table is a work of art, the chandelier above it is a showstopper.
The actual art mounted on the wall behind the table is a subtle composition of hazy imagery that enhances the room without dominating it.
ocean-home-detached-guest-house-8-dining sculpture.jpg
A second piece of art resides on the buffet overlooking the living room. The swirls within the sculpture are as though a fourth smoky ring within the painting has exited the canvas and is drifting across the room.
A small office area is located next to the formal living room and next to a window. It makes the perfect spot to catch up on reading material whether through newspaper, magazine, book or laptop. 3 small sculptures on the shelving behind the office desk continue the theme of floating rings.
Just outside the window the shoreline and a large palm tree add perspective to the ocean views.
Outside on the terrace drought resistant grasses soften up the hard lines of the concrete while tempered glass railings offer an unobstructed ocean view both into the distance and along the shoreline.
Downstairs there are additional areas for entertaining. A bar complete with seating for four is a cozy place to hang out on those days the weather is less then perfect.
Next to the bar is a smaller, more intimate lounge area and here the linear lines have given way to curved walls of glass exposing the ocean waves crashing against the shoreline.
At the end of the day when its time to turn in, the bedroom is located to continue the panoramic views so the homeowners can get one last look at the views before turning in.
Large 2″ slat blinds close off the view and keep out the light while the homeowners sleep.
Next to the bedroom and bathroom zones a private sitting area in located on a small deck.
ocean-home-detached-guest-house-17- bath.jpg
The bathtub is positioned to take advantage of the views through the terrace windows.
Just past the tub is a large and luxurious shower stall complete with two rain showers. Doors at either end lead back to the bedroom or into the dressing area.
The vanity is one of the few places in the residence that glams it up and check out that waterfall faucet!
Horst Architects
Interior Design by Aria Design
Photography by John Ellis and Toby Ponnay


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