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DIY Reading Nook Idea Based on Malcew Design

diy-reading-nook-idea -inspired-by-malcew-1.jpg
What a neat idea, it’s a reading nook on wheels! With a settee! Originally designed by Malcew for an office space in Singapore, this would be incredibly easy to make for your own home. Imagine – your own mobile library. You can follow the sun around your rooms.The cushions are removable so you can set up the inside to be most comfortable for your purposes (you could even put a small table and chair inside the unit if you removed all the cushions). And you can use the cushions to make a seating area on the floor when they aren’t in use in your nook. You could add a small TV with a wireless receiver to the bookshelf (although you’d have to allow for the electric plug to be fed out the back). Put shelves on one end, or both ends. If you don’t want it so open and airy, you could put a larger bookshelf across one full side, enclosing the unit more. A great weekend project to take on, simple construction, and when you’re done – your very own personal reading corner!

diy-reading-nook-idea -inspired-by-malcew-2.jpg
This little reading house is even shaped like a house!
diy-reading-nook-idea -inspired-by-malcew-3.jpg
More information: Malcew; Design Boom


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