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Guest Bedroom Color Palettes That Will Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Having guests over your home is always fun, especially if its family and friends. However, things can become a bit hectic when it comes to sleeping arrangements which is when guest bedroom can come in handy. Even though guest bedrooms do come in handy decorating them can be a little bit tricky as they should feel as another space in the home. For instance, you want your guests to feel right at home when they are staying in your guest bedroom. In order to do that you want to create a peaceful space that speaks to them. The following guest bedroom color palettes will make your guests not only feel right at home but will also make them want to come visit a little more often.

Rich Browns and Pastels

Brown and purples work beautifully together. They bring out the richness in each other which in return will cause the colors to appear more vibrant. Add a few pattern pieces into the mix for added texture. Texture adds visual appeal to any room. 

Dark and rich browns surprisingly have an unexpected serenity to them, especially when they are paired with pastels. Pastels give balance to the richness of the dark brown shades. Plus, let’s not forget they look beautiful paired together. The key to working with browns is having light colors that help bring out the richness in them.

Mellow Yellow to the Rescue

Yellow is an excellent color to work with especially for a guest bedroom because it not only adds beauty but it also adds a calming effect especially when it is paired with a soft color. Pair it with sage green for the calming effect that will brighten up the space.

There is nothing like adding yellow to a bedroom. It adds beauty and brightens up the space. However, when it is paired with similar colors such as soft greens, blues, and purples, it can create the serene setting your guests need.


Nontraditional decor in a guest bedroom can make your guests feel as if they have stepped into another dimension in your home. It can also make them feel as if they are on vacation all over again. Choose objects that you wouldn’t normally pair together this will add to the modern and nontraditional feel of the bedroom.

A nontraditional color pairing always works well in a guest bedroom because you can get as creative as you would like in this specific space. Try a nontraditional color combination such as a nautical theme with bright red accents. Doing so will give your guests the feeling of having stepped into a new dimension of your home.

Go Rustic

Rustic does not necessarilly mean you have to use dark tones to create the rustic atmosphere. Instead, you can use light and airy colors combined with wooden pieces. If you are going to use light tones choose light wooden pieces as well. This will bring the entire rustic look together.

When in doubt, choose rustic. Add a rustic twist to your guest bedroom for a relaxing and romantic twist. Choose colors that are crisp and clean and pair them with rich wood tones. This will give the rustic appeal while still being very modern and charming. The idea is to have the space feel like a new section of your home while providing your guests a sense of comfort.

Creamy Neutrals

Neutral tones are great in a guest bedroom as they give off an upscale feel. This is great when you want to give your guest a vacation feel right in your home. Add some flowers to add a hint of nature as well as some freshness as well as a bit of color. Candles also work great in this space.

Neutrals are always great, especially when you pair them with other tones that are pastel such as pastel pink, yellow and lilac. These tones paired with creamy neutrals brighten up the color palette without the need to add another palette of colors.

Gray and Blue

Gray and blue make the perfect ultimate guest room combination because of how well they pair together. Use a darker blue with lighter shades of gray and a lighter shade of blue with deeper shades of gray for the best color combination. Doing so will allow you to have a coastal feel to your guest bedroom.

This color pairing happens to be one of the very best to choose from because of how well they work together. There is something very calming and welcoming about having gray and blue paired together. In fact, when they are paired together they work so well you may want to include them in other areas of your home.

Different Shades of Red

Different shades of red are great when they are paired with neutrals. You can go bold with these color palette by adding patterns. You want to combine multiple different patterns together to bring the entire look together. Doing so will give a modern appeal to the room without being overbearing. 

Although, red could be a “loud” color when you pair it with different shades it becomes a beautiful masterpiece to look at. Pair different shades and patterns with red in them for an overall well-rounded look that feels and looks like a lot of fun.

Zesty Yellow

Bright yellow is great because it is extremely powerful and eye-catching. Not only that but it brightens up the room without the need of multiple colors. In fact, you may want to incorporate other neutral tones to pair together with the yellow to create a contrast.

Just like mellow yellow is a good idea zesty yellow is as well. Take a brighter yellow and add it to your guest bedroom for an instantly brighten space. You can choose to do yellow accents or use a full-on yellow palette. If you choose to do just that pair your yellow shades with a hint of green for an overall modern and up added feel.

Blends of Blue

Neutrals are the color blues best friends. They pair beautifully together because they allow the blue to be the center stage. You do not need to have bold shades of blue to make a big impact. This can actually be done with darker more neutral shades for a softer yet relaxing feel.

Instead of mixing blue shades with other colors mix your blue shades with each other.  Consider mixing and matching darker shades of blue with lighter shades of blue for a beautiful contrast. You also want to pair these together with white, beige or gray hues to make the blues stand out.

Black and White

Black and white are both powerful colors especially when they are paired together which is why you may want to break it down with neutrals such as browns, grays, or even taupe. Doing so will brighten the black and white decor while softening the richer, deeper tones. 

Black and white décor have always been a classic color combination because it can be paired with multiple different statement colors. Pair your black and white décor with one statement color to bring out the beauty in the room. This can be done in multiple different color variations.

Make your guests feel right at home with these color combinations. Which of these combinations will you be using in your guest room to make your guests feel right at home? Let us know in the comments below.


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