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Sooth Your Senses with Natural Bathroom Vanities from Kudeta

Kudeta double vanity
Created with a passion for natural materials, these gorgeous bathroom vanities are from Kudeta. Stone and wood work together to make a range of bathroom vanities, named Bati, to reinterpret the integral beauty of both materials. The company, Kudeta, is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, with 200 outlets in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. What people in these countries have in common is an appreciation of the smart, modern vanities that retain a rustic edge through the use of rough finishes and chunky, abstract lines. Simple and uncluttered, the vanities are intrinsically usable, with a purity that belies their functionality. Whether you need a freestanding basin or a unit with plenty of storage, there is something to suit you in the Bati collection from Kudeta, including matching items to continue the look.
Kudeta Bati vanity
Kudeta free standing washbasin

Kudeta matching vessel in natural stone


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