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Snaidero Acropolis kitchen – socializing for bachelors

First time we saw it, we thought “Hmm, great for a bachelor.” We were right on the money – here’s how Snaidero, the maker, describes it… “Acropolis is the concentric kitchen, designed to be in the center of the room, to meet the needs of the man who wants to have everything around him, who feels the need for a really modern approach. Ergonomics, dilated forms, a new way of thinking of socializing, living life full circle.” Snaidero

Acropolis was designed by Ferrari stylist Paolo Pininfarina for Snaidero, Italy. This cutting-edge design contemporary kitchen is cool as its concept – “… a chef in a kitchen is like a drummer in a drum set where everything is within arm’s reach.” Made of 100% recycled aluminum. All the goodies come built-in: a computer monitor, cooktop, sink and utensil racks.


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