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Faucet by iHouse uses face recognition technology to … check your emails

Multi-taskers: welcome to the revolutionary SmartFaucet faucet from iHouse! This incredible product seems to be straight off the Starship Enterprise – facial recognition technology recognizes every user. Once it knows you, the SmartFaucet tap will automatically turn on the water to your preferred temperature and flow. If that’s not enough for you, you can also use the touch screen to access e-mails, check the outside temperature, check your calendar, etc. So there’s no need to miss that important message when you are bathing. It seems almost churlish to mention the wonderful waterfall-style spout of the faucet – but this luxurious feature is not to be forgotten. Likewise, the chromotherapy lighting of the faucet will enhance your bathing experience everyday. Straight from high tech loft that iHouse built for the FEICON construction show in Sao Paulo, Brazil into your home – what could be better? Contact iHouse for more.


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