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Sensor Faucet by Miscea – touch free faucets

The Miscea sensor faucet is simply amazing … from the technology and the design points of view. The touch free Miscea is not only a faucet but also a dispenser! Not only this sensor faucet makes your daily washing duties completely touch free but it’s also an admirable centerpiece in your bathroom or your kitchen. In the sea of hundreds of faucet designs where almost any idea conceivable has already been exploited, faucet manufacturers are increasingly turning towards use of high technology to gain the market share. The perfect example of a mix of high-end design and modern technology is this Miscea sensor faucet that at your choice can dispense any combination of soap, lotion, disinfectant or detergent. A really unique design, Miscea faucet makes washing your hands easier than ever before. The faucet is operated by placing your hand in front of the desired function button, allowing you to adjust the water temperature, dispense soap or fill a glass with water without having to touch anything. The beautiful stainless steel faucet body is complemented perfectly with the big circular, laser engraved, touch free glass control panel which responds to your hand movements by changing the backlight color depending on your selection, and a stylish LED screen in the center. Miscea
Via Wow Bathrooms
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