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Hansa new shower heads and faucets are amazing

Bathroom faucets have had their run for the most innovative designs… This time it’s the shower heads that heat up the competition. With so many new designs one question comes to mind – “what next in shower head design?” Hansa has just the answer. Their newest shower heads are simply amazing (as always) …
Hansaclear is a decorative transparent showerhead that “enables water to be experienced” – you can see the jets at work inside. Innovative and stylish, Hansaclear is available as hand shower and wall-mount or ceiling-mount shower in three-spray futuristic design.
Hansaclear Lux shower is the illuminated from within version of Hansaclear. The shower handle holds the touch-button to select the color of the light and a small battery pack that requires an occasional brief re-charging.

Hansapurejet is another new handheld shower from Hansa. Adjusting a smooth scroll will switch between 1 or 2 jets.
Hansa2day handheld shower reinstates its entirely new concept of showering … with the addition of colored decorative panel and chrome-plated shower head. Previously in chrome only, now available in subtle white, elegant silver, luxurious black, warm red and fresh yellow.
Hansastela joystick-style bathroom faucet is smooth and exact in operation, just like the Hansamurano. Thanks to the Hansaflow spout, the entire collection gets innovative and attractive look.
Hansapublic is a new electronic bathroom faucet from Hansa. Infrared activated, Hansapublic comes with a slick design not common in electronic fittings. Infrared activated shower is also a part of the collection.
More detail is coming soon… Hansa.


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