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Design and Technology Mix in Contemporary Kiev Apartment

Designed by Ivan Yurima Architects, this apartment, located in Kiev, Ukraine, is a great example of contemporary Eastern European taste and style. State of the art technology combines with modern materials and surfaces and iconic furniture in a resolutely contemporary design cocktail. The layout is determined by the architecture of the building and by the owners’ desire to have a fluid space, without corridors. The building has a peculiar shape, with two rounded glass corners and a convex front glass façade. In one of the rounded niches the designers took the opportunity to fit in a round dining table which contrasts with the strait line and angles of the rest of the furnishings. The main door opens directly into the living room and is framed by large glossy white wardrobes on both sides.The living room, kitchen and dining areas are open and communicate freely. A vertically wood paneled wall integrates the fireplace and the flat screen and, while keeping behind it the master bedroom area. As the living room only gets natural light from the left side windows, a system of LED light niches is integrated into the ceiling. This niches form long parallel lines that harmonize with the vertical wood wall panels, bringing warm light to the whole open area. The lighting system of the entire apartment is very sophisticated, with direct and indirect light installations and remote and sensor activated switches and commands.

The kitchen stays neutral in glossy white and stainless steel appliances. The white square island hob comes down from the ceiling like and alien body. Only the thick wooden slab of the counter brings a warm touch to this sleek but aseptic corner.
The white round table and Tulip chairs soften up the atmosphere, as well as the extra large, translucent snowball pendant hanging above. The round table is the perfect choice as it follows naturally the shape of the rounded glass corner.
The master bedroom has a privileged situation in the layout of the apartment, and also a generous surface with its en suite bathroom and walk-in closet. The “floating” king size bed faces the floor to ceiling convex glazed façade, while the technological headboard integrates lamps, switches and night tables. The other sources of light are indirect, coming from and intricate ceiling system and from under the bed. There are two sliding panel doors on the same line with the headboard, the one to the right being the door to the room and the one to the left separating the bedroom and the bathroom.
The walls of the master bathoom are covered with rectangular wooden tiles, some of which stick out slightly and are retro-illuminated. The sanitary ware is minimalistic, in glossy white ceramic. The floor surface continues from the bedroom, in seamless white resin.
The floor of the office is treated in wood, as a warm surface was needed in order to complement the minimalistic white furniture and walls.
Some accents of color are allowed for in the children’s rooms, and the atmosphere becomes cozier with Scandinavian color schemes and cribs with romantic curvy lines.
The rain shower in the guest bathroom has integrated LED lights that create a special showering experience.


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