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Small Kiev Apartment Boasts Unusual Layout

Ukrainian architect Emil Dervish has created minimalist design for a small Kiev apartment, using only black and white color scheme and stylish lighting. Clever planning allows to keep different zones separate but also in one coherent style.

Concrete and glass wall dividers help create pockets of space within one big open-plan room. For instance, home office stands behind one to keep distractions to a minimum.

Minimalist apartment in Kiev
Stylish lighting accessorizes clean areas

The black frame glass wall keeps bedroom and bath separate from the rest of space. And even they are only nominally divided with a wooden wall divider.

Celebrating geometry, the design employs lots of different shapes and lines to create a dynamic and stylish look.

A completely white base allows to amplify small space, and an entire row of windows make the task that much easier.

No-cabinet kitchen is still quite a unique idea, and also allows for a more dramatic extractor hood, which is a part of blacked out space that includes hallway, bedroom, and part of the kitchen storage.

Minimizing sleeping room made plenty of space for social areas so much so that the wall in front of the couch can be used as a cinema screen. What can be more modern, youthful, and versatile?

Small Kiev Apartment with Minimalist Interior

Open plan living and kitchen space
Black elements on the right inform the accents in interior
A stylish hood extractor adds to the minimal kitchen design
A working area hidden behind a concrete wall benefits from daylight
Modernist furnishings work well in the minimal interior
Row of windows continues past the room’s corners
The black framed glass wall separates bedroom adn bathroom from the main area
A retractable reading lamp provides lighting in the bedroom
Concrete works wonders in the black and white bathroom

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