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Small Bathroom Decor Options

Whether you have a tiny powder room that needs revamping or your bathroom is small and compact. We have put together some interior decorating options for a small bathroom space that will not only enhance the room but will also make it appear larger. Here are a few options to help you make your small bathroom the bathroom of your dreams.

Add Woven Baskets

woven baskets Small Bathroom Decor Options
Woven baskets not only take up little to no space but they even give your home a spa-like feeling. There is something easy about them that works great in smaller bathrooms. Keep two or three around and add items in them that need to be away from the display.

Woven baskets are a top favorite in smaller rooms because they are chic and versatile. Not only will they add to your décor, but you will be able to fill them up with bathroom necessities without taking up much space. The key is having them placed in areas that they are seen yet do not appear cluttered.

Know When to Save on Space

save space Small Bathroom Decor Options
Keeping it simple with a bamboo vanity. Bamboo has a softer look than traditional wood does, therefore, it is easier to have it be a part of your minimal decor. The idea is to have a vanity with multiple different compartments in them so you can place what is needed away with little to no items showing.

Instead of over cluttering the space, consider having areas that are multipurpose. Doing so will allow you to save on space while having a put together area that is elegant yet trendy all at once. Keep it simple will also allow your décor options to stand out and speak for themselves.

Busy flooring

Busy flooring is best when you want to keep the space clean and minimal because it provides a focal point to the room. The focal point will allow the space to feel larger. Neutrals work best because they work well with any color decor. 

Busy flooring is great to give a room texture while keeping the rest of the décor simple. Doing so is an excellent form of adding that hint of bold décor to the room with little to no added material. Choose a pattern with tile for that busy flooring that is unforgettable.

Long sink instead of a double sink

Want a double sink but have a small bathroom space? The key is purchasing a long sink but having two faucets. This will work as a double sink but will take up less space. When beautifully done the space ill appear trendy instead of cluttered which is exactly what you would want.

Double sinks are great, especially for homeowners who live with multiple people. However, the truth is they take up a lot of space especially if you are working with a small bathroom. Consider a long sink instead, they are compact yet offer plenty of space that has multipurpose and use.

Large Mirror

Mirrors are light sources which makes them an excellent part of decorating. In fact, we would almost say they are quintessential to any room. There brightening effect is grand while still being one of those decor items that simply make sense in the space.

Do not minimize your mirrors for a grander effect. The larger the mirror the better. Mirrors reflect light, therefore, making the space appear larger. The idea is to have the mirror work with the décor making the space feel and look brighter.

Continue floor tiling in the shower

The same flooring as the shower adds this seamless modern look that can be perfectly paired with glass doors. There will be an almost invisible act of division that makes the room feel grand. Keep the rest of the decor simple and the room will feel twice its size.

If you have a standup shower instead of creating a seamless look between the tiling in your bathroom and the tiling inside of the shower. The idea is to have a cohesive look that makes sense, yet feel grand even in the smallest space.

Glass Doors

Glass doors have an upscale look to them that’s easy to install and have as part of a small bathroom. If you want that elegant look add a marble shower and add a glass sliding door. The elegance will ooze out of the space while still being contemporary. Pair with metallic touches for the perfect contrast.

Choose not to block your lighting or décor with glass shower doors. Instead of using a curtain or fogged glass choose a clean glass. The crisp feel will create a seamless division that will be almost invisible to the eye. Not only does it look great, but it’s smart to do in a smaller bathroom.

Unique Light Fixture

A simple intricate light fixture paired with a few other lights can make the space feel not only larger but more feminine as well. They key is working with metallics that make sense such as rose gold or gold. If the decor is geared towards a more masculine decor consider using black as the fixture tone.

Lighting is everything and you want as much of it as possible when you are working with a small bathroom. An intricate light fixture will do the trick of making the area appear larger and brighter. The intricate light fixture will also give the room a focal point that’s higher, therefore, expanding the height of the room all at once.

Accent Color

Accent color comes in multiple different forms. You can choose to have it displayed nicely with flowers or accent areas or you can create a mosaic wall with colored tiles that brings a new dimension to the small area. It makes the room have an artistic vibe to it

Do not underestimate the power of a punch of color. The key is working the punch of color as an accent color instead of an over-all hue. Working in an accent color adds a bold touch exactly where you need it. This also allows you to work with a hue that brightens up the room without taking up space.

Sliding door

Want to take things one step further? Have your sliding door speak for itself with a powerful punch of color. The idea is simple. All you need is a sliding door that is painted a vivid hue. This will create a beautiful contrast between what is inside and the color of the door.

Instead of a door with hinges, use a sliding door. A sliding door will bring a vintage farmhouse appeal while being easy to incorporate it is also an excellent way of having that farmhouse vibe that seems to extend from the wall.

A small bathroom can still be perfect for the home if it is decorated to its best potential. Let us know if you have any ideas that you use to bring your small bathroom to life.



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