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Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Style

Bathroom lighting is notorious for not being the best lighting in the home due to it being one of the areas of the home that receives little to no natural lighting. Regardless of your decorating style, every bathroom could use a light fixture or two. From opulent to edgy, here are a few bathroom lighting ideas for every style bathroom style.

Art Deco bathroom sconces

Art deco is notorious for being easy yet captivating to the eyes. The key is having one or two light fixtures that offer that classic art deco appeal while illuminating the space. This will provide the contrast that is needed for a seamless appeal.

Sconces are a favorite in the bathroom because they can be placed around the main areas that lighting is needed, especially near the mirror area. Mirrors need extra lighting and that’s were sconces come into play. Use art deco scones in a dark room to add texture to the space.

Modern and Big

Large and in charge is an excellent way of bringing a modern trendy take to your bathroom. Consider using a light fixture in a bright color so it can stand out from the rest of the decor it will also appear large and will allow the piece to have a bigger impact.

No matter the size of your bathroom, a large modern light fixture could be exactly what it is missing. The idea is to keep the light fixture bold and in charge while still allowing the bathroom to have the lighting that it needs.

Eclectic Lighting

Different is a great thing especially if you are working with light fixtures that the bathroom appeal put together and different. That is when an eclectic piece will come in handy. Keep the decor simple and feminine to pair well with the decor you have going on at the moment.

A fun, eclectic light fixture makes perfect sense in a simple bathroom space. The simple décor adds to the ambiance you’re trying to create in the bathroom.  Eclectic lighting just means the light fixture has a unique touch to it almost as if it doesn’t really belong in the room but somehow it makes complete sense.

Crystal sconces

Crystal’s have always been a top favorite for many homeowners, not just because of their beauty but because they have healthy power. Pair your crystal light fixtures in a neutrally decorated bathroom for a put together look that’s simplistic yet whimsical.

The master sinks paired off with crystal sconces gives a regal effect to the bathroom. They’re aesthetically pleasing while still having this unique aspect to them. They are also an excellent way of adding texture to the bathroom without being too obvious and/or too in your face. If you already have a colorful bathroom and need clean, crisp lighting this is the way to go.

Elegant chandelier

An elegant chandelier has always been a top favorite for any area of the home because it will play well while still being a statement piece. The idea is to keep the decor as focused on the overall appearance of the chandelier as possible.

Any bathroom could use an elegant chandelier.  The beauty of this is a chandelier makes any room appear more put together. Even the most simplistic décor could use a touch of elegance with a chandelier. Use a dark hue chandelier for an edgy touch and a lighter hue for the perfect touch of elegance.

Metallic fixture

Metallic comes in multiple different hues which are perfect when you want to add it to a room yet do not want to have the space appear less vivid or warm. Gold shades are great in smaller bathrooms due to their welcoming effect, while silver shades work well in large rooms for the perfect brighting effect.

Metallics are great in the bathroom because they add an accent hue to any color you may already have in the space. The key is working with a metallic hue that makes sense with the color range selected. If the color has a warm undertone select a gold-base metallic if the hue has a cool undertone use a silver-based metallic. Following this simple tip will bring the décor together.

Colorful sconces

When you hear the word “colorful scones” your very first thought may be “vivid colors” that impact the space. However, if you want to take a deeper approach you can choose a black or darker hue pendants and display them as an added color that makes sense.

Color is a big part of interior décor because it adds character to any space, this includes the bathroom. If you are in the market of adding color in a unique way this is the perfect way to do so. Colorful scones add color to the space while still brightening the area needed.

Geometric Pendant

Geometric lighting refers to the form of the light fixture you are using. WIth a geometric lighting, it will make the space appear put together in a unique manner that makes sense yet adds a unique texture. The idea is to make everything look put together yet have something at stands out from the rest.

Geometric pendants fit well in bathrooms that need a unique flair. They add undeniable texture and exclusivity to any bathroom décor. Keep the décor simple or intricate, the pendant will speak for itself every time. Choose a darker pendant for a goth feel to the space that is exclusive to the bathroom.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a perfect pairing for any bathroom due to its feminine undertone. Its an excellent way of adding pink to the decor while still bringing that elegance behind it. The beauty of it will pair well with other golden or pink rose decor. Pair it with marble or a Morrocan inspired theme.

Rose gold is the perfect feminine touch to any bathroom. Therefore, if you are looking to add a feminine touch to your bathroom without necessarily having to alter your décor, add a rose gold light fixture.  This is a simple way to keep the décor the same, but having that feminine classic touch.

Masculine lighting

Masculine lighting is a top favorite of ours because it just gives the bathroom a sexy vibe, especially if it is in a darker hue. Use darker wood to pair well with the richer hues that make sense with your lighting fixtures. You may even consider using dimmer lighting for that enriched vibe that feels masculine yet but together.

We love the idea of adding a rustic masculine touch to the bathroom space. It’s easy to work with any decorating style will benefit from it. The idea is to keep the masculine feature as unique as possible this will bring out the edginess of it.

Which of these light fixtures will use in your home to give it that easy upgrade? Please share with us in the comments below.


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