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Feminine Living Rooms With A Masculine Touch

While not many believe that there are distinctive feminine and masculine decorative bits, there is the idea that some elements do carry a more masculine appeal and others a feminine twist. Keeping that in mind, a room that is well-balanced offers a blend of both in the simplest way. If you have a feminine living room and are interested in creating a balance contemplate adding one or two of the following elements.


Keep the room dark for an elegant appeal, yet break it down with hues of plum or navy for the perfect pairing that makes sense.

Feminine and masculine décor is traditionally separated by the shades that are used in the room. As a result, you want to consider adding darker shades then you are currently using for richer depth in the space.


Your outline should be crisp and clear without feeling cluttered, it should feel open and airy in an elegant way.

Most feminine rooms are filled with soft edges and frill filled décor, whereas a masculine room has crisp outlines with spacious bits. In order to take a completely feminine room and give it a masculine touch, you want to declutter the space and give into lighter décor that makes the room feel warmer. Warming up the room will essentially make the area feel more masculine and personal.

Keep it Simple

The best way to keep it simple is to have an open layout that makes sense and brings beauty to the room nonetheless.

In order to give a room that traditional masculine appeal without completely taking away from the feminine aesthetics, you want to stay away from patterns. Pattern is loved and well-used in a feminine decorated living room. For a masculine touch keep the patterns to a minimum and only use classic geometrics such as plaids, and stripes. When in doubt use solid stripes as the main form of pattern display.


Texture comes in multiple different forms including in a wallpaper form. We love the idea of having a textured wallpaper as the main statement of the room.

If you really focus on decorating a home you come to realize that texture truly makes a room, particularly when you want to add a masculine appeal to a room. Not just for the living room but for any room, it is very important to mix a few textures together to create a seamless appeal. Combine edgier more masculine textures with soft gentle bits for a healthy dose of depth.

Remember your Furniture

Keep your living room crisp with clean lines but with large sofas that bring that masculine appeal. Furthermore, keep the bits with a rug to ensure that the space still remains masculine yet feminine.

Masculine furniture tends to be a tiny bit larger in size and in bulk then feminine furniture, for that reason, it only makes sense to get a larger piece of furniture for that masculine touch. You might want to consider having a large sofa, or accent chair or even both. Create balance by pairing your larger furniture pieces with your dainty bits for that feminine/ masculine blend.


Focus on the art pieces you’re using, the larger the pieces the grander effect they will make. The space will feel bigger and more put together.

Take a step back and focus on the pieces of art that you already have. If your art pieces consist of “pretty images with quotes” it’s time to switch it up and add strong meaningful bits for that masculine touch. Regardless of what pieces you decide to use go for the bold, daring ones with rich frames.


In order to bring that warm feeling change your bulbs to a warmer setting to bring an eclectic cozy appeal that is simple yet masculine.

Always consider your lighting, it’s very important to have excellent lighting regardless of how you decorate your home. The difference is you want to work with light fixtures that offer a bit of a warmer appeal to the room, such as standalone lamps, chandeliers in dark hues or even changing the bulbs of your light fixtures.

Bring on the Wood

If you don’t want to add wooden furniture bits add a wood flooring. Wood floors are an excellent form of bringing that masculine without overbearing the space.

Wood is an excellent transitioning element, its still has a light airiness to it depending on the color and will bring a seamless masculinity. Place wood around your living room for that masculine touch that makes sense yet doesn’t take away from the essence of your décor.


The beauty of having a bookshelf allows you to display the best love stories in history while adding texture to the room in a seamless manner.

If you want to keep your femininity throughout the living room yet want to have a unique masculine touch add a display of books. Adding a bookshelf works well to break down your feminine décor, while still having an elegant intellectual appeal. Consider displaying a stack of books to give that approach that brightens up the room while still being simple and easy to move around.


Comfort is huge when you want to have that masculine touch that is extremely versatile and sleek. Keep it simple while being comfortable.

Masculine décor is mainly revolving around comfort while feminine décor is big on textures. For that classic signature that screams masculine comfortable bits is the way to go. Add in unique comfortable bits to ensure you have that relaxing feel, this works exceptionally well if you have a fireplace as you can focus on decorating your mantle.

How do you blend your feminine bits with your masculine? Please share your ideas with us below.


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