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Simple Outdoor Floor or Hanging Lamps by Martinelli

simple outdoor floor hanging lamps martinelli 1 thumb 630x630 31181 Simple Outdoor Floor or Hanging Lamps by Martinelli

There is nothing more peaceful then sitting outside on a dark night with the surrounding landscape lit up by the soft glow of simple but beautiful light sources. Trilly is the essence of that description with its clean conical shape and subtle handle void. The translucence of the fixture glows brightly without creating glare and the unexpected orange cable is just the perfect touch of whimsy. The clean lines of Trinity make it the perfect addition to a roof top deck, apartment balcony, poolside terrace, landscaped backyard or even flanking a driveway.

simple outdoor floor hanging lamps martinelli 2 grouping thumb 630x630 31183 Simple Outdoor Floor or Hanging Lamps by Martinelli

Trilly is easily suspended from tree branches and how awesome would it be to have a dinner party under the canopy of a large tree with a few of these up above.


If a peaceful evening of you +1 is on the agenda, a couple of Trinity suspended from a hammock or porch swing would really set the mood as would a pair suspended over an intimate table setting for two.


Trinity is not just for mood setting; it can come in handy in any poorly lit location. Just carry it by its handle and hang it from a hook – even in your garage. Don’t have the right size hook? No problem, Martinelli Luce carries the optional hook.


While Trinity features a void for hanging or carrying, it is just as pretty sitting on the ground. Place one on either side of your driveway or walkway or line a path with them.


Trinity can also be used as uplighting within your landscaping.


Made from white rotamoulded polyethylene, Trinity features an ergonomic handle / suspension void and comes with an orange 1.5m cable and plug. The fixture is 50Hx45D cm and weighs 3.2kg.


The lights are attached in an easily accessible inner core. Simplly unscrew the round closing element on the lower part of the lamp. The light source is either LED or a 20w fluorescent bulb.
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