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Funky Outdoor Lighting – Pistillo suspension lamps by Martinelli Luce

Liven up your garden with this funky outdoor lighting by Martinelli Luce. The long, oval form of these Pistillo suspension lamps lends a sculptural feel to the lighting scheme, the illumination an integral part of the overall design. Not for the fainthearted, hidden way within the branches of a tree, but out in the open and proud, statement lighting at its best – bold and art-like. From a practical point of view Pistillo is ideal for outdoor dinner parties and entertaining, its fluorescent lamps bathing the surrounding areas in useful light – not intrusively strong but not so weak as to be ineffective. From an aesthetic point of view – with their black lacquered metal supports and distinctive orange cables – these funky suspension lamps are wonderfully minimalist, industrial in their design, unfussy and unpretentious. What’s not to like? For further information visit Martinelli Luce.



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