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Round Shower Enclosure – automatic shower stall by Roca

Just when you thought you’d have to settle for the usual, Spanish bathroom design company Roca has come up with something quite unusual – a perfectly round shower enclosure that opens and closes automatically. The Transtube 360-degree shower stall surrounds your shower in a curved, frameless glass enclosure which seems to float, weightlessly. Ideal for minimalist bathrooms where less is more, this contemporary, clear shower stall features a rotating door – no hinges, no screws or handles – which operates automatically on a motion sensor. Inside, a sleek chrome column not only looks cool; this thermostatic stainless steel tower also helps to save water and energy. Add to the mix space efficiency – the round shape of the shower enclosure makes it easy to place and ideal for small bathrooms – and you the style-, space- and eco-conscious won’t be able to resist! Learn more by visiting Roca.



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