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Residential faucet trends 2005 according to Elkay

There’s an interesting article on Elkay’s website about the Residential Faucet Trends. Written by Joel Williams, it clearly shows that the approach to faucet design today is to make it a centerpiece of the kitchen or bathroom – “the water appliance that rises above it all”. Besides discussing finishes and features, the article prompts for several important visual characteristics of today’s faucets that help create this new trend…
– Minimalist geometry – simple curves, straight lines and symmetry creates clean contemporary look… The minimalism is in, “anything ‘fussy’ is out’…
– More substantial in sizes – with larger diameters and rectangular shapes, faucets are more substantial than ever
– Taller faucets – they draw more attention
Of course, this doesn’t mean that traditional faucets aren’t in demand… but the contemporary design is what’s really booming now…
Indeed, Elkay’s opinion is echoed by many faucet manufacturers – they thrive to create the most minimalist but still very functional faucets. Some good examples from well- and not-so-well-known manufacturers:
Mina Twist, AquaBrass ‘Hey Joe’, Lacava Waterblade, Dornbracht Mem, Axor Starck X, Grohe F1, Elkay
Shown are some of the Elkay contemporary faucets.
Read more in Elkay Residential Faucet Trends.


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