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Grohe’s F1 Faucet – harmony of cylinder and cone

[Contemporary Bathroom Faucet]
Being another very distinct design from Grohe, the F1 was developed in a partnership with the F.A. Porsche Design Studio. This faucet is made almost entirely from metal…, again, pointing out the Grohe’s latest choice in materials – away from plastics but into metals. We should note two very interesting features that make this faucet design unique and innovative…
1- Unusual aesthetics: There are no common faucet elements such as knobs, large levers, 45 or 90 degree elbows etc…. Instead, the F1 is shaped as one continuous curve, the cone naturally flows into the cylinder with no interruption.
2- Innovative Use: The two small levers for hot and cold water are both separate and together operated. So the mixing ratio and the amount of water can be adjusted in one grasp. Also, the levers move in parallel horizontal planes which is uncommon. Their precise movement is supported by the components of the new “Advanced Cartridge Technology” (A.C. T.) hidden inside of the elegant F1.
With all that, the Grohe F1 is a quite unusual bathroom faucet. Grohe


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