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REK Expanding Bookcase by Reiner de Jong

rek expanding bookcase original and junior animation REK Expanding Bookcase by Reiner de Jong

What a great idea – a bookcase that grows with your book collection! By Dutch designer Reinier de Jong, the original expanding bookcase was so well received that he designed a Junior size for his own three-year-old. The animated illustration below shows the expansion/collapse. It’s quite amazing how much bookcase you can create with very little effort (or how easily you can minimize the size). The design is simple and elegant and as you can see, fluid. The poplar plywood construction is sturdy but lightweight for moving, collapsing or expanding. Available in white and various shades of gray as a standard, additional colors available upon request. The slender slots are perfect for magazines (or in the case of the Junior bookcase, comic and coloring books). This bookcase is at home wherever you want to put it and at whatever size fits the space. Fluid and flexible, lightweight and easily expanded or contracted – it’s a bookcase for your ever-changing collection.

rek expanding bookcase original and junior 2 thumb 630x472 22223 REK Expanding Bookcase by Reiner de Jong

This awesome bookcase expands and collapses!


Kids have fun expanding and collapsing the REK Junior bookcase!


You can change the size of individual shelves to suit the books.


The Junior is available in two sizes, the Original in one.


More information: Reiner de Jong



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