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Designer Reclaimed Wood Bookcase – Shipwood Dark by Fashion For Home

This designer reclaimed wood bookcase boasts history wrapped in a modern package. The Shipwood Dark Bookcase by Fashion For Home is made using wood salvaged from old Chinese riverboats, featuring knots and “imperfections” that tell a story and give the piece its distinctive character. The slanted slat dividers add interest to this eclectic design. This open backless bookshelf is substantial but light, making a great room divider and displaying your favorite knickknacks. Or, placed in a home library, office or den, this is among the most stylish book storage systems we’ve come across! This sustainable reclaimed wood collection, designed by LDK, includes a golden plaque on each piece indicating the age and origin of the wood used. For more information on the Shipwood Dark Bookcase, visit Fashion For Home.



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