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3 Dimensional Wood Furniture from Studio Schrofer Amazes and Delights

reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-1.jpg
These are two awesome chair designs – Mobius for indoors (above) and Palms for out (below). Mobius really pushes the limits of the wood construction with concave and convex intricacies. It looks like a twisted ribbon of wood – a flowing, organic piece of furniture with life in its lines. And the lines of the wood laminate add incredibly to the movement of the whole package. Can’t you just imagine this in your house? It’s an art piece as well as a chair. Palm was designed with outdoors in mind. And ergonomic comfort – without sacrificing any of the style. Doesn’t it remind you of a centipede? The client was in search of a weather-proof teak chair – and Studio Schrofer delivered. And it’s environmentally sound, too. Using laminate technology with the wood dramatically reduces waste. Ergonomic and environmentally sound and have we mentioned cutting edge? All of the above!

reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-2.jpg
Palms for outdoors – ergonomically designed.
reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-3.jpg
reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-4.jpg
The wood lines add to the movement in the design.
reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-5.jpg
reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-6.jpg
Mobius is like a ribbon of wood, twisted and shaped.
reflect- on-wood-3-dimensional-forming-7.jpg
More information: Studio Schrofer


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