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Red Freestanding Faucet by Zucchetti

A red-hot trend is being led by this awesome red freestanding faucet by Italian company Zucchetti. In commemoration of the first 10 years of Isy project, this modern red freestanding faucet designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez is a statement piece as tub filler or next to your freestanding washbasin. The shape and color are slightly reminiscent of those old-school rustic farmhouse water pumps – and the outcome is the same – but the concept is modernized with a sleeker, more-streamlined silhouette, and luxurious features like the convenient hand-held tub filler and the single-lever function. The style, like the color, is so stop-dead-in-your-tracks hot! It’s also available in a glossy black and white finishes. Check out this red faucet at Zucchetti.



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